Yo-kai Watch is a popular franchise hailing from Japan. It focuses on a boy named Nate Adams, and how his life was changed when he found the Yo-kai Watch. A Watch that can allow Humans to see the elusive Yo-kai. Spirits responsible for lifes daily annoyances. Nate meets various Yo-kai since obtaining the Watch. Ones most Notable are Whisper, His faithful Yo-kai Butler and Jibanyan, a cat with a vengence against trucks. With Nate and his Yo-kai Friends, they defend the city of Springdale (and even the entire timeline on occasion) from the diasters caused by the Yo-kai.

Powers of the Verse

Yo-kai Watch as a verse varies in power. Most Yo-kai have been shown to be small fodder on their own but in groups can cause massive damage and change. There are plenty of Yo-kai who have been shown to have various City Level's of Destructive Capability such as Kyubi and Robonyan F. Robonyan F, being able to wipe out an entire Island in Six Missiles. However, Yo-kai Watch has been shown many impressive speed feats such as Various Yo-kai being superior and able to summon lightning  Durability is also a large role in the Yo-kai Watch as Yo-kai like Jibanyan can take hits from City Level threats like Gargaros.


Yo-kai are are divided into ranks and attributes. Attributes determining the elements Yo-kai can control and Ranks determining the Class or overall quality and skill of Yo-kai. 

Yo-kai Ranks go in order of best to worst in order:

S Rank

A Rank

B Rank

C Rank

D Rank

E Rank

Attributes consist of:

Fire Attribute

Earth Attribute

Lightning Attribute

Water Attribute 

Drain Attribute

Wind Attribute

Ice Attribute

Restoration Attribute





E Rank


D Rank


C Rank


B Rank

Usapyonicon Hovernyanicon

A Rank

Robonyanicon Hardyhoundicon

S Rank

Kyubiicon Venocticon