World Rings Sonic


The World Rings are a set of 7 rings that bind the world of the Arabian Nights together. Representing Joy, Pleasures, Wishes, Prayers, Sadness, Rage and Hatred each, they are capable of being used to induce a stats-enhancing transformation.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 2-C, possibly 2-C

Name: World Rings

Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog (The Universe)

Age: Unknown

Classification: Magical rings

Wielders: Darkspine Sonic, Alf Layla wa-Layla

Powers and Abilities: Can grant users a Super Form with vastly enhanced stats, Fire Manipulation and Reality Warping.

Attack Potency: Universe level+ (They were the source of Alf Layla-wa Layla's power and hold the reality of the Arabian Nights world together), possibly Multi-Universe level (there is the possibility of ANOTHER world skulking within the Arabian Nights Reality, Jahannam)

Speed: Users are boosted to at least FTL

Durability: Universe level+, possibly Multi-Universe level

Range: Users are granted universal+ range.

Weaknesses: They have disastrous mental affects on the user. Uniting all 7 of them could produce destructive results and fully controlling their power requires the user sacrificing their life or another, otherwise the resulting transformation will be incomplete.