Okay, so, this is to notify all admins (luckily, there's only a few) of some newly discovered information I've uncovered.

So, recently, I contacted Fandom Staff in regards to our wiki's condition and our yearn for a Forum. And what's fallen upon my ears has enlightened me. I hope it will do the same for you guys.

Hopefully you were brought here by a link from the Community Corner. If so, I know it works! That'll be our temporary way of informing one another about important discussions until the actual Discussions have been developed.

“But Metal... What are you talking about? Weren't we going to set up wiki-styled forums?”

Well, buckle up. We can't.

The Old VS The New

Or should I say... we can, but not like we intended. Now, our original desire for a wiki-styled forum is so we could highlight important threads. However, have you ever come to wonder why VS Battles is so different from us? Why theirs has all the proper links set up and, well, everything? There's a reason.

The Forums were updated back in November of 2016. Anyone who had already been running a wiki at that time wouldn't be effected, while all those afterwards would. The old forum—which is right here, is now inaccessible.

As you can see from the additional notes section, I quote, “As of November 2016, it is not possible to enable Forum on communities where it is not already in operation. The newer conversation feature, Discussions, is gradually being released across the Fandom network, and content from Forum will be migrated to Discussions. Ultimately Forum will be fully retired as a feature.”

The new wiki-styled forum cannot highlight threads either. Which takes us back to our initial dispute, resulting in us gaining zero ground whatsoever.

The Good News

In spite of our very apparent can of worms, Fandom Staff informed me of one other thing.

In a couple months, they will be adding an “Announcement” feature to the Discussions, which is going to act very similarly to the Highlight feature in its predecessor.

All we have to do is be patient. And with the Community Corner, that shouldn't be difficult to do.


Like I said, we'll need to use the Community Corner. Here's info on it.

That's what we'll use until the Discussions have been fully updated. And that's all.

I rest my case. For now.

EDIT: In order to see the edit, look to the far lower right of your screen. A small window will be there saying “Community Messages has been updated.” By clicking on it, it'll take you to the Wiki Activity, where you just scroll down to see the edit. Again, that's how we'll notify one another for now.

Also, in order for the notification to go through, you mustn't mark your edit as a minor one. Only mark it minor if you didn't add something important.

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