Time Travel

What time travel might look like.

Brief Summary

Time Travel is the power to go to different time periods, such as the past or future.

In a VS sense, time travel isn't directly harmful to an opponent, but it can be used to travel back in time to destroy them when they were weaker or as a baby.

Alternatively, it can be used to destroy them in the future. Skilled characters can exploit paradoxes to erase foes from existence.

And defensively, time travel is magnificent. It can be used to escape a hard battle, or used to redirect attacks from the past.


  • May be unable to travel to different points in space, and instead remain in the same spot but in different time periods, which may possibly result in telefrag.
  • Users may require a specific device or ability, and thus the user may be rendered unable to time travel if they somehow lose said method.
  • Certain verses have rules against how the user may change the past, and changing the past may be fruitless in a deterministic universe.