Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 2-C

Name: Time Eater

Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic Generations)

Gender: None

Age: Unknown

Classification: Temporal Machine

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Energy Projection, Time Manipulation (Ranging from Time Travel, slowing down time, and destroying it. Able to send points in time to a white zone of non-existence), Dimensional Travel, Can detach it's arms and telekinetically control them, Flight, Can create mini stars, Able to create holes in time, Can travel to timelines that should not and don't exist, Time Paradoxal Resistance (He was originally found at some point between Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations. And he had annihilated that time period--thus, he should disappear, but doesn't)

Attack Potency: Universe level+ (Destroyed the 2 dimensions where in each dimension Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic live in separately, and erased them completely but did so one at a time)

Speed: Infinite (Can move in a timeless void and go to different time periods)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Universal+

Durability: Universe level+

Stamina: Very high, never shown to get tired, being a machine helps though

Range: Universal+ (Erased the space-time continuum)

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Learning Impaired (Can discern the difference between good and bad, which is evident when he ran into the Emerald, but got repelled and didn't like the Emerald, thus, ran away). Genius when piloted and/or informed by Eggman

Weaknesses: Its very own core.

NOTE: Crisis City appears in Sonic Generations, with Iblis rampaging. If Iblis survived, then that means Sonic '06 was still a part of the timeline, and not separate. Thus, Time Eater would only be Low 2-C, and not "possibly 2-C." If Time Eater effected a separate timeline, then Iblis doesn't have Time Paradoxal Resistance (which is contradictory to Mephiles appearing in Sonic Runners, making Time Paradoxal Resistance consistent). What's more, is that Sonic traveled to Crisis City. Which implies more so that it was already still existent due to Iblis and Mephiles' Time Paradoxal Resistance. If that's the case, then Time Eater wasn't effecting a separate space-time continuum. More implies all Time Eater did was erase a single timeline, and that Iblis has Time Paradoxal Resistance, rather than the other way around.