Pilgor is the main anti-hero character in the Goat Simulator series of video games. Though she usually just hangs around and does weird stuff, she has at many occasions saved the world from various threats.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 5-B, likely 4-B

Name: Pilgor, The Goat, Goat

Origin: Goat Simulator

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Classification: Goat

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, stamina, reflexes and agility, Weapon Mastery, Elastic TonguePower Replication, Oxygen Independence, WallcrawlingImmortality (Types 3, 12 and 15), Regeneration (Low-High; can regenerate from being bissected or only having half of her body), Contaminant Immunity, Energy ManipulationExplosion ManipulationReality WarpingTime ManipulationPhysics ManipulationTransmutationConversionBFRShapeshiftingTransformation, MagicElemental Manipulation, Summoning, CreationInvisibilityTelekinesisSize Alteration, Mind ManipulationDuplication, Gravity ManipulationMagnetism ManipulationMatter ManipulationBlack Hole ManipulationLevitation, Sonic ScreamDimensional StoragePocket Reality Manipulation, Paralysis InducementPhoton ManipulationForce BlastMusic Manipulation and Broadway Force/Dance Manipulation (can force others into uncontrollable dancing). Gains even more powers with community-made/workshop mutators.

Attack Potency: At least Planet level (blew up the Earth. Also stopped a Zombie Apocalypse that spred itself across the entire planet and saved the Earth from aliens.), likely Solar System level+ (can create black holes and particle accerlators, which can do this.)

Speed: Unknown. Likely Superhuman or Subsonic.

Lifting Strength: Class 100 (can lift elephants, tanks, trucks and very large cars. Can also push rocks more than three times bigger than her.)

Striking Strength: At least Planet Class, likely Solar System Class

Durability: At least City Block level (tanks massive explosions, high falls and car/truck collisions without even having a scratch. Even stands up in two seconds and keeps trucking on like it's nothing.), likely Planet level (Word of God confirms that Pilgor can survive an Earth-busting radar beam. Nothing contradicts this considering the goat's insane durability)

Stamina: Limitless (never shown to get tired)

Range: At least Planetary (blew up the Earth)

Standard Equipment: Mutators, Power Pitcher, Jetpack, Guns, Mind Controller, many other weapons

Intelligence: Unknown, but appears to be pretty clever.

Weaknesses: Unable to swim. 

Notable Attacks/Techniques: TBA