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Shiny Paper Mario


Paper Mario is the paperized version of Mario, the famous Italian plumber. Paper Mario is the protagonist of the Spin-off Paper Mario. Like his 3D version, he normally fights Bowser, which has kidnapped Princess Peach. However, during his games, he met other evil characters like Shadow Queen, Count Black and most importantly Dimentio, which was trying to destroy the entire multiverse.

He has many friends, for example, his assistants, the pixels, Yoshi and his brother Luigi. Contrary to his 3d version, he has no main backstory.



Name: Paper Mario

Origin: Paper Mario 64

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Paper plumber, Hero of the string multiverse, prophesied hero

Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical Charateristic, High Jumping Abilities, Immortality (Type 1. He doesn't age as he is a book character. This does mean that its not just longevity, because it doesn't matter how many thousands years will pass, Paper Mario will not die by age), Dimensional Flip Transformation (into a small plane, a kite, a tennis racket and etc), Resistance to Fate Manipulation (The Light Prognosticus foretold that the four Heroes of Light would gather together and use the Pure Hearts to defeat The Dark One. The Dark Prognosticus foretold that the hero of prophecy and all others would be stopped by the Green One joining The Dark One, cementing the end of all worlds. These imbalances messed with the wheels of destiny. Everything they wrote became truth; it was fate itself bringing about the actions. But at the end, breaking the Light Prognosticus, Luigi joined Dimentio--The Dark One--and began down the path that the Dark Prognosticus created. The Heroes of Light, however, break the Dark Prognosticus and win anyways. Tippi describes this entire phenomena as "fate", rather cementing the fact that the two Prognosticuses played with fate itself. And in the end, the Heroes of Light and The Dark One all broke both Prognosticuses, giving them a resistance to Fate Manipulation), Hammer Proficiency, Soul Destruction, Pyrokinesis, Cyrokinesis, Earthquake Generation, Life Manipulation (can give life or drain life with the paints) and Attack Reflection w/ Various types of hammers. Enhanced Pyrokinesis and Cyrokinesis w/ Fire Flower and Ice Flower, Enhanched Jumping Abilities w/ Shoes and Hopslippers, Earthquake Generation and Paralysis w/ POW, Summoning (Koopas and other enemies), Healing w/ Mushroom, Animal Manipulation w/ Tanooki, Durability Augmentation w/ 1-Up Mushroom, Probability Manipulation w/ Pretty Lucky, Lucky Day, Close Call and etc, Intangibility w/ Repel Gel, Resistance to Poison Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation and Size Manipulation w/ Feeling Fine and Feeling Fine P, Size Manipulation and Invulnerability w/ Mega Star, Duplication w/ Copy Block and Pal Pill, SPM (Super Paper Mario) items give him Electrokinesis, Trapping, Explosion Inducement, Statistics Amplification, Status Effect Removal and Inducement (only limited on poison and opponents debuff), Healing. Shockwave Generation and Levitation w/ Paper Crafts. Invisibility Nullification, Teleportation, Summoning (Pure Hearts), Data Scanning w/ Tippi, Trapping w/ Thoreau, Explosion Inducement w/ Boomer, Body Manipulation and Elasticity w/ Slim, Ground Pound w/ Thudey, Platform Creation w/ Carrie, Objects Flipping w/ Fleep, Hammer Proficiency w/Cudge, Size Manipulation w/ Dottie, Force-Field Creation and Paralysis w/ Barry, Speed Augmentation w/ Dashell, Statsu Effect Removal w/ Piccolo, Existence Manipulation w/ Kursti, Earth Manipulation w/ Earth Tremor, Time Stop w/ Clock Out, Statistics Amplification w/ Power lift, Reality Warping w/ Art attack, Healing and Stamina Restoration w/ Sweet feast, One Hit Kill w/ Showstopper, Supernova Generation w/ Supernova, Transmutation all together. Star Rod gives him Wish Granting, Infinite Supply, Power Bestowal, Invulnerability, Barrier Creation, Size Manipulation, Constant Statistics Amplification, Reality Warping, Versatility, Nigh-Complete Arsenal, Absolute Wish, possible Light Manipulation. Can summon and use the powers of the Star Spirits. Healing and Status effect removal w/ Eldstar, Sleep Inducement w/ Mamar, Cosmic Manipulation w/ Skolar, Statistics Lowering w/ Muskular, Regeneration (Mid-High. Her healing's far better than Smithy's ) w/ Misstar, Time Manipulation w/ Klevar, Transmutation w/ Kalmar, Twink can dash against opponents, Star Beam and Peach Beam give him Holy Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Power Nullification. Trio Hammer give him Universe Creation, Reality Warping, Transmutation, Pocket Realm Creation, Pyrokinesis at some points, Cosmic Manipulation. Things Cards give him Reality Warping, Hydrokenises, Aerokinesis, Electrokinesis, Sound Manipulation, some degree of Mind Manipulation, Love Inducement and Love Augmentation, Flight, Time Travel, Heat Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, Size Manipulation, Terrakinesis, Gold Coin Creation, Summoning, Paralysis, Durability Negation, Lava Manipulation, Existence Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Purification, Battle Result Impediment, Blindness Inducement, Higher Dimensional Manipulation, Can confuse opponents via making a photo himself. Paint Stars give him Life Manipulation, Rainbow Manipulation, Color Manipulation. When all the Paint Stars merge together create the Black Paint. Black Paint give him Existence Erasure, Death Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation. Existence Manipulation and Statistics Amplifiaction (x1000) as Shiny Paper Mario. The Pure Hearts give him Absolute Reset, Reality Warping (godly), Regeneration (High-Godly. Scale to Chaos Heart. Via using the Chaos Heart, Dimentio could have regenerated to continue to live, despite the fact that he was erased from existence), Invulnerability Nullification, Healing, Dimensional Travel, Non-Existence (completely erased the void and the chaos heart, their concept and everything, so that no one will acknowledge the existence of those two things), Light Manipulation, Creation (are the very opposites of the chaos heart), Concept Manipulation (Love is a stronger concept than the concept of chaos), A strong resistance to Life and Death (as strong as the Chaos Heart), Purification, Love Embodiment.

Attack Potency:


Lifting Strength:

Striking Strength:


Stamina: Limitless (despite being weakened, he can still tank blasts from the Star Rod, took a massive beating from Dimentio and etc). Infinite w/ Star Rod and Pure Hearts.

Range: Melee w/o powerups, several dozens of meters w/powerups and summoning, stellar w/Crystal Stars (via Supernova), Galactic w/Trio hammer, Universal w/Paint Stars and Black Paint, Multiversal w/Star rod, Star Spirits, Pure Hearts, and Thing cards.

Equipment: Hammer (iron,big and etc), Koopa shells, Spikes balls, Fire flower, Ice flower, Tanooki suit, Shoes, Hipslippers, Kart, Pixels, 64 thing cards, color and paints, Trio hammer, Copy Block, Pal Pill, Mega Star, Gadgets, Mushrooms, Frog suit, Spike helmet, 1-Up mushrooms, Pure hearts, Star rod, Star spirits, Thing Cards (Color splash), Paint Stars, Black Paint, Kursti, Crystal Stars, Various Bowser minions, Paper Toads (XD), Paper Craft

Intelligence: From Gifted (solved Shadow Queen's labyrinth and was suspicious about Dimentio's loyalty to Count Bleck the whole time) to Genius (Easily solved the Whoa Zone, which was stated to be an IMPOSSIBLE labyrinth. Being impossible will easily put the difficulty above the mystery of P'illo island. Keep in mind, that geniuses weren't able to resolve the mystery, yet Paper Mario solved a thing far more complicated)

Weaknesses: Doesn't strategize a lot, can act dumb at times.

Notable attacks and Techniques:


Keys: Paper Mario Base (Base; as Shiny Paper Mario) | W/ Wish Granting Powers or Items (Star Rod and Power of Wishes) | W/ Pure Hearts.