Hello there, you all.

My intervals of activity vary, so I might not be able to respond back immediately. Still, leave a message if you need, and I'll respond as soon as possible.

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  • As you can see, I have changed my fandom name; I would appreciate if you renamed pages once you have time.

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  • Hi Metal, so I have the blog post that revises some of your profiles (ignore the misleading title) into completely accurate profiles.

    I recognize that it's not all of them, and I will make seperate blog posts tackling each of the profiles of a specific verse (The mario thing will be fun) but here is the blog post

    This should (I hope) give you the general gist of revisions that you will have to do to make the totally accurate. 

    Thank you for a moment of your time :).

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    ^Clear supergenius intelligence

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    • Whoa, that's really did I miss that? :O

      I also think that might be nigh-omniscient...

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  • So, how is the Mario-Kun verse 2-B? Just wondering.

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  • Hey Metal. I know you are mad at me because of what happened in Discord.

    Well, what is done is done, and i'm not here for this. The only thing i'm actually sad about is that now you hate me. I don't care if Bat or Seb hate me, they can keep doing that as well. However, i don't want you to think i'm a terrible person, well, actually, i just don't you to have a bad opinion about me because i care about your opinion.

    You were the first person here who supported me and who helped me, and i remember when we were very close and we talked about anything, no matter if it was our childhood or just a very random thing. Then sure, i made other friends from here and also other wikias, and even a few best friends, but you were still the very first friend i ever had, so it's kinda sad that our friendship had to die like this.

    I miss those days and what i know for sure is that i'll probably never have those again. But that's ok.

    I want to thank you for everything you did for me, and i want to apologyze for everything i did to you. So, may i request, could you unblock in Discord? I just want to say one last thing that i just hope you'll appreciate. I'm not asking the moon, so, do you think you can do that?

    Don't worry BTW, i'm not trying to use these sweet words just because i want to go back to The_Hangout or i want to be your friend again. Well, i do want to be your friend again, but everything depends on you, and i already know your answer, which is no.

    To be honest, in these two i realized (for real), that i have to change my attitude. Bat probably didn't even try to bully me. He was most likely just joking. And if he would have done that joke now, i would have probably moved on.

    This is why any kind of answer from you will be appreciated. Even something like "Arceus, because of your dramas friends had to discuss about irrelevant things and because of you people have stood up against each other, you bitch".

    Or even: "Arceus, you are too young and fragile to be in a place like The_Hangout or other servers, and you proved that you can be a giant asshole at times"

    However, i won't accept this answer: "No".

    I actually need to apologyze to you, and to say thank you once again. But i don't want to do this here, i would fill your message wall, literally.

    This is everything from Arceus. After this, and that little message in Discord, i won't bother you anymore. If you feel like doing so, just forget about me as well. This is all my fault.

    And remember to not lose faith, about what i said to you on Discord a few days ago. You'll have a splendid future, i'm sure of it.

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    • I never thought you'd say this type of stuff, to be entirely honest with you. I was more expecting you to be on the side of hating me after I took Bat's side again.

      Yeah, I remember back when I was your first friend; but still, I was never your best friend. I wasn't always there to help you out. Yeah, I do think you fucked up here, but the reason we got into those fights wasn't just your doing. I ended up valuing Sebas' and Bat's friendship more than yours; we got distant. Over time, that resulted in more fights between us.

      Whether or not we never have those days again, if you truly did enjoy them, then just be happy they happened, and don't be sad that they're gone. I miss the times Sebas, Wither, Paleo, you, me, and Bat would talk on Chat in actual friendly manners; but those won't come back, either. I don't hate you, but I am upset about everything that happened. So...yeah.

      I unblocked you.

      We can be friends, it's just I feel like I'd be quite a demanding friend; I want you to avoid drama and such, and stay away from stuff that you think would cause your emotions to burst. If talking to certain people causes trouble, I advise avoiding them. Stuff like that; cause the problems that have arisen could be avoided, or at least made far more bearable for the involved parties.

      I'm happy to hear that. I do think change is needed as well.

      Thank you for sending this to me; it's the more mature thing you could have done. And thank you for the reassurance; I appreciate it.

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    • Thank you, i appreciate that.

      It's ok if you value Seb's friendship and Bat's friendship more. It's ok if you are mad about what happened. Be honest, i know you are being honest but be entirely honest, you feel like after all of this, having a conversation with me is not something you'll choose when you could choose to roleplay with Bat (an example), because you noticed that over time if we got into a conversation together, at some points my emotions would burst and another drama would be caused. With time, Seb became more mature as well; and unlike me, he changed his attitude and became able of controlling his emotions, something that i wasn't able to do, though now i am. This makes Seb a more enjoyable friend, and talking to him won't cause any drama anymore so you two can have a friendly chat.

      Bat was your very best friend from the very beginning, so the fact that you value his friendship more than mine makes obvious sense.

      And i'll be honest as well, with time, i also valued other people's friendship more than yours. But that still doesn't change the fact that you were my very first friend, and i'm grateful for that, and because of that i want to actually apologize and other stuff.

      I'll thank you in Discord later, right now i got to go.

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  • Who do you think wins and why?

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  • Can you delete my ulamog, kozilek, and emrakul profiles please? 

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  • Hi, Metal. Can you add this picture as a background to my Madoka profile, please?
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  • Wow, you surely had a ultra instinct to close that thread.

    Ultra instinct metal

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