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Psi-Lord is an incredibly powerful psychic warrior, training by Nathaniel Richards to be able to fight. Despite being a non-canon variation of Franklin Richards, they have similar origin stories, albeit in this non-canon variation, he has not interacted with the Celestials directly as he did in Heroes Reborn. Franklin did not meet any of the cosmics in-canon, sans Galactus, who even still in this variation are deemed as allies.

This version of Franklin Richards doesn't know of anything involving the Cosmic Hierarchy, and is an oblivious little boy . Despite that, he is likely the most powerful Child Marvel has ever introduced [ Other than Job Burke... But this version isn't that far off , if not equal ] .

Powers and Stats [Franklin Richards]

Tier: Possibly At the absolute least High 1-A,. Possibly Far Far Higher / At the very least 1-A, possibly Far Far Higher l Possibly At the absolute least High 1-A . Possibly 'Far Far Higher' / At the very least 1-A, possibly Far Higher  l Possibly At the absolute least High 1-A , possibly Far Far Higher / At the very least 1-A, possibly Far Higher

Name: Franklin Richards

Origin: Marvel Comics

Gender: Male

Age:  Likely 5-9 l Unknown. Likely 16-17

Classification: Mutant

Powers and Abilities: Supposed the same as his 616 variation . It is stated as several points he can do anything , so there may be a lot more to a unknown extent . l Likely a lot more, but to a unknown extent

Attack Potency:  Possibly At least High Outerversal Level ( Stated to be capable of defeating Hyperstorm  , and stated to be capable of saving his family [ which implies 3 things : He's superior to Hyperstorm  can replicate all the feats performed by them if he had more experience ] even when heavily restricted by his father before this comic [ to the point they thought he was a normal human, which means one of two things : The limiters are the differences between 10-C and 1-A or 10-C and High 1-A ] , heavily restricted by his own self simultaneously  , and stated to be far from his full potential [ by years ] .. Do keep in mind Agatha stated Franklin's power increases exponentially at a impossible rate . Each of his aspects was stated to be an Omniversal Threat , as a child , which back then applied to the entire Marvel Universe , as well as all fiction and reality . This would make even the aspects of Franklin ridiculously superior to practically every fictional and fanfictional feat performed [ Because "All of fiction" includes fanfiction and alternate fanons and the like ] , as well as any fictional character at that point [Despite Inconsistencies] , due to the nature of the world back then . This being canon to before the 2nd definition was made is supported by this scan, stated that there is a " Universe where Superman is real " . Also, they flat-out proved it here without a shadow of a doubt . What also supports this like a glove, is Franklin's knowledge of Pokeballs and Pokemon such as Pikachu , even though they have never shown up before or even after that. This would make even his aspects much much stronger than nearly any character at the time in the Marvel Universe , including the aforementioned Hyperstorm. The above would make his aspects much stronger than The Overmind due to the very nature of the Omniverse , even with the above restrictions due to everything DC-related being canon to the Non-Canon Marvel . Also the fact that they mention "Nicktoons" in one of the comics implies the " Real-Life " requirement of the first definition of the Omniverse, which is all of fiction and reality . Due to being a child during the event, he is so much more powerful at age 5, much less with the seals, than Hyperstormcould ever hope to dream of. The size of the Omniverse was implied to be Endless by Reed Richards, as well as stated to cannot be defined by any Mathematical Method , which could mean no Multiverse Level can describe the Omniverse . , even when knowing of Non-Canon Hyperstorm & Non-Canon Cosmics at the time, albeit is unknown if he is arrogant here or telling the truth . Considered to be at least comparable to Onslaught, who even in his standard form is considered to be Nearly Omnipotent . Due to being the only character Non-Canocially , even his aspects are stated to be an Omniversal Threat during the Pre-Retcon , should be much stronger than the Continuity Gem . The Continuity Gem has the ability to alter the entirety of Marvel Comics to however he chooses fit, as well as retcon anything that happens. Even the Author/Narrator of the story trembles at its ridiculous power. Due to being the only character that is Non-Canon that is stated to be an Omniversal Threat , should be stronger than The Writers , who are shown within the Marvel Universe that views it all as mere fiction , and Deadpool, who is only implied in this comic as capable of killing these beings . Even an aspect of Franklin , accord to the Omniversal Threat statement, should stronger than the totality of the Nexus of All Realities , which in this version the Omniverse includes the Writers , who view Outerversal Level & High Outerversal Level beings as nothing but a work of fiction. Stated in a interview that the difference between this heavily restricted Franklin and Hyperstorm [ who was stated in said interview to be above Yog-Sothoth's True Form by an unfathomable degree, that he is above Yog-Sothoth as Yog-Sothoth's true form is above Humans ] as " the difference between Yog-Sothoth and a average human ". This is ridiculous because even Outer Gods are to Great Old Ones, are Great Old Ones are to Humanity. In other words, technically even those guys would qualify for High 1-A powerwise . Those on the First Gate would fit the bill for High 1-A powerwise , and those on the Second Gate are immeasurably immeasurable above that, albeit.... They are comparable to Nyaraltheop , but... They are nowhere near as strong as Yog-Sothoth , who this Franklin casually scales to due to said Interview statement . Yog-Sothoth's Avatar beat the Presence in terms of sheer power APwise, who w/o all of his weaknesses and statements would fit the requirement for True Infinity / Tier 0 . However, while this was stated in a interview of some kind, where it took place and the validity of said statement is questionable at best. This would technically qualify Franklin for this level casually, and likely the closest being to Tier 0 or theoretically on Tier 0 while heavily restricted[ because the difference between High 1-A and 0, according to the very creator of the tiering system, is the difference between a High 1-A and 10-C, putting Franklin technically on that level ] , despite controversies of the very concept of the tier in question . This would make his full power well above them even at the absolute minimum required low ball , which should grant " At least " to the High 1-A tiering, despite controversies. This, in combination to the five statements surrounding Hyperstorm's power by said Interview, he has to be at the very least ton this tier level , considering no matter how powerful Hyperstorm gets, the above statement will ALWAYS take precedence over Hyperstorm's strength . Due to this, we can compare the difference between a Heavily Restricted Child FR and Hyperstorm to be at the absolute least Infinite^Infinite^Infinite Inaccessible Cardinals away, but likely cannot be defined by that statement , and as such , the difference between Hyperstorm and an Impossibly small aspect of a Heavily Restricted Child Franklin's power can't be defined by any number of Inaccessible Cardinals. Far superior to Dr.Strange, as he required a transformation / massice amp to keep up with On-Betweener. Dr.Strange in a fanfare comic fought entities who can handle entering The Gate, and is comparable to his colleague, in which entities he views as a Dream could do something similar, and broke Yog-Sothoth's Seal, implying he was somewhat comparable to him . Franklin was outright stated as capable of defeating In-Betweener, which Strange thought was "All-Powerful" and far beyond his comprehension. Implied to be incomprehensibly superior to Marvel's H.P Lovecraft, who in a Fanfare comic recreated the Chulthu Mythos and a realm incomprehensible to it's strongest member . ) . Possibly Far Far Higher ( Has been stated via Word of God [via Seed] that his powers are so potent, that even a nonexistent portion of heavily restricted Child Franklin's Power , that the difference between that level of power and Future Matthew Ninome , cannot be defined by any number of Inaccessible Cardinals . In a crossover, when being manipulated: Effortlessly ripped out Future Matthew's Omni-Omni-Creator Unlimited Monothesitic Boundless Inner World out and atomized it , Destroyed Future Matthew's Inner Self with a glare , and created a Pocket Dimension hat housed an endless number of Future Matthew's  Omni-Omni Creator Unlimited Monotheistic Boundless Inner Worlds with an afterthought . WoG [Seed] stated that even if she potara fusioned with all the other joke-characters on joke-Battles Wikia , the results would end up the exact same and would've ended in a curbstomp manner. ) l Possibly At least High Outerversal Level ( An aspect of him {Psi-Lord} is capable of being a threat and even potentially defeating Hyperstorm, Nathaniel confirms this fact, someone who has been studying Hyperstorm's power for years . Comparable, if not stronger, than his younger self . ) . Possibly Far Far Higher  l Possibly At least High Outerversal Level (Unleashed the fullest extent of his powers to where they should have been when he was an adult, which is confirmed by Reed here , so he is ludicrously superior to when he was a child, so he is a completely different league than Psi-Lord , Child Franklin, and completely above Hyperstorm. ) . Possibly Far Far Higher

Speed: Unknown ( Implied to be capable of Viewing all of the Marvel Universe at a partciular point as one would view fiction, such as this particular scan , and these different scans . imply pretty well . Stated to be capable of reacting in Yoctoseconds, albeit this was in a "Canon" comic, so it is unknown if it scales to him currently . ) l Unknown l Unknown

Lifting Strength: Unknown l Unknown l Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown l Unknown l Unknown

Stamina: Below Average Human Level normally . Much Higher with Amps l Unknown l Unknown

Range: Unknown l Unknown l Unknown

Standard Equipment: None Notable

Intelligence: Unknown l Unknown l Super-Genius ( Due to enhancing his intelligence, he became as smart as his father , an onlooker [ Johnny Storm ] even saying that he was comparable to Reed. )

Weaknesses: Mentality  l Unknown l Unknown

Notable Attacks/Techniques: None Notable

Key: Child Psi-Lord l Avatar

Note: Self-explanatory