• BatMario753

    Hello everyone!

    I'm going to be making a list of Mario's Top 10 Most Useful Power-Ups. This is somewhat for fun, but also to help show how useful Mario's primary weapons (Though his hammer comes in a close second) can be in a battle.

    Rules: Power-Ups will be judged by the amount of powers granted, how much strength is boosted, and the amount of general usefulness it gives. No White Tanooki/Racoon. No Super Mario Maker. And I guess some obvious other rules.

    Without further ado, here we go.

    Starting off with a classic. Mario's trusty Fire Flower.

    • Uses:
      • Lets Mario shoot fireballs that can bounce across the ground (Super Mario Series, M&L, etc.) or soar through the air if Mario throws it similar to a baseball (M&L)
      • Lets Mario take another hit, either…

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  • Mystery idiot 50…

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  • Withersoul 235

    Immortality Revision

    December 5, 2017 by Withersoul 235


    It's Wither here, with an announcement. I've once again revised the Immortality page. You may have seen that VS Battles abandoned Absolute Immortality and changed Type 5 to a new type.

    I've applied that same change here, except that AI is now "Type 0". And a second new type has been introduced, "Type S", basically a custom immortality type (or combination thereof) that differs per page and has unique properties and qualities. I've also added rules about who can have Type 0 Immortality and what types cannot be bundled.

    But due to this change, several pages with Type 5 Immortality will have to be revised (Type 5 -> Type 0 and removal of all other types in the combination; see the new rules on the Immortality page), and impossible combinatio…

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  • Mystery idiot 50

    now, lets see.

    Weight of earth: 5972000000000000000000000 kg

    Weight of sun: 332946*5972000000000000000000000 k

    = 1988353412000000000000000000000 kg.

    v of solar system sized planet - 4/3*22/7*r to the power 3.

    radius of solar system- 4.535 billion km.

    =4535000000 km.

    so volume of that planet: 390836622524000000000000000000 km/3

    Volume of earth- 1000000000000 km/3

    number of times the planet is bigger then earth - 390836622524000000 times

    so weight of that planet= 390836622524000000 * 5972000000000000000000000kg

    weight of sun= 1989000000000000000000000000000kg


    there is no doubt that sailor moon's feat of destroying planet nemesis is indeed high solar saystem level.

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  • Mystery idiot 50

    WAHAHAHAHA as you know, the earlier two regarding sailor moon were simply bluffs. the real sailor moon can actually put goku in trouble! thanks to miss dream for translations. this will likely be the longest blog in fandom.

    in the first scene...

    here, sailor moon can see anything through her glasses.

    the first yourma likely has [life energy absorbtion.] while sailor moon has [[1]]

    also, that yorma likely has this


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  • Doge and pupper

    Ok, to start this blog, i am going to ask you

    have you ever went on youtube

    and searched "Bendy vs Bill Cipher"

    Do the CFC one

    and browse through the comments

    and see the BATIM fans using an NLF saying "Bendy Beats Bill, because Bendy is ink, so he can't die"

    Ok, i'm sure everyone on this wiki knows how flawed this is, so this blog is mainly for fun because i'm bored.

    "Bendy is ink he can't die" or "Bendy is ink he's immortal"

    Just becuase your ink, doesn't mean your invincible

    For one, ink can be destroyed.

    You can use nail polisher, cotten balls, yes, this won't be enough to kill this ink demon, but the whole "ink is immortal" statement is such a NLF

    Heck, even in the game, The ink monsters that were summoned, you killed them with a shoddy ax or a …

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  • Doge and pupper

    Ok, the versus Battles wiki Has Post-mending Bolas at 4-A and Pre mending at 2-A.

    For those who doesn't know what "The Mending" is, it was some multiversal event that made planeswalkers Weaker.

    For The post mending, They Have him at 4-A, which is just downplay. Bolas CASUALLY beat the gatewatch, who they already beat 2-A beings, such as kozilek, ulamog, and with help from Tamiyo, Emrakul. and thats 4-A? wtf?

    And he has also mind controled all the dragons of takir casually, to kill ugin. 

    "Bolas ties with Asriel" No, he doesn't. Bolas EFFORTLESSLY Solos Undertale.

    there is another debate of bolas vs madoka kaname, which is

    Madoka: 1

    Bolas: 0

    Inclusive: 4

    why? Bolas smashes madoka, like how bill smashes usagi (which the vswiki says that usagi beats b…

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  • Mystery idiot 50

    after the first one didn,t work so well......lets go to the next one! remember, i fact that i love sailor moon is the reason i put her at 3-C.

    according to this......chaos WOULD BE universe + if there was a ststement saying she warped the space-time of a UNIVERSE, and not a galaxy. Since that is not is a galaxy level feat.

    "it is implied to be the universe."

    yeah....and it exists as a speculation...want me to upgrade super buu to 2-C?

    " it has been stated tentimes that the silver crystal has infinite power"

    unfortunately....that still remains a statement. Also .....the golden crystal, which has power equivalent to silver crystal, has enough power to destroy entire planets. so....


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  • Batman129

    top 30 characters.

    November 3, 2017 by Batman129

    i'm going to do this in a weak since i just made a q&a.

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  • Sebastian pereira90

    Captain Sebas' history is well known,Wither created him in chat as a Paleo-Man's ripoff

    (NOTE:This is a joke blog)

    • Obliderated The Meme-verse,the Archie Sonic (Wanked) and all existance, without even trying
    • Is equal to Oddysey Mario and Paleo-Man
    • Defeated Goombario,and is almost equal to the Goombapotence
    • Destroyed all reality with only his speed
    • His bat can obliderate ANYTHING
    • Defeated Hipper Wario,with one blink
    • Destroyed composite Touhou,
    • Blasts ∞D spaces for fun

    • Reality warping at CopaCabezaUltraversal(Translate that)
    • Sebaspotence
    • Witherpotence
    • The ability to obliderate ANYTHING inferior to him
    • Conceptual Manipulation
    • Existance Manipulation
    • All types of immortalityA
    • All existing hax

    • Mc Donald's food
    • Cuphead cringe
    • Goombapotence
    • Paleo-man and Oddysey Mario

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  • Batman129


    October 31, 2017 by Batman129

    ask away!

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  • Mystery idiot 50

    I am going to clearly explain how she is galaxy level.

    I am going to debunk some of the arguments used, so there.

    • Sailor Moon has mid-godly regen.

    Again, I am debunking this, totally.

    As long as the universe exists and your star seed is destroyed, you can regenerate. Because of galaxy cauldron. What does it implies?

    Usagi's regen is dependent on galaxy cauldron? Fine. How about we destroy the galaxy cauldron? Eh? Will it regenerate? That's just a statement from Galaxia that never happened. Okay, fine - what if we simply destroy the universe itself? Eh?

    "She has limitless power"

    First of all, the silver crystal has limitless power...

    No, just no. Did that affect an infinite universe? No. That was just a statement, just like Cell stated the he can b…

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  • BatMario753

    Hey y'all. This is my first blog post and it's about a discovery in Odyssey. Not huge, but above minor spoilers for one of the outfits in the game.


    Here it is.

    The invisibility hat, a reference to the Vanish Cap from Mario 64, and one of the few caps that actually does anything. This hat is gotten after gaining the Multi-Moon at Darker Side. Unlike the Vanish Cap, it has no time limit, and makes Mario completely invisible with no weird transparent remnants of Mario to set any doubts about the invisibility. So:

    Mario simply dons the cap and gets unlimited invisibility for however long he wants.

    I haven't seen any feats in Odyssey above small building level, but this is some broken hax right here. With this and Cappy's possession and wh…

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  • Paleomario66

    Q & A

    October 26, 2017 by Paleomario66

    I know I've done this on DB Fanon Wiki, but I decided to make one just for the users on Character Stats and Profiles Wiki.

    Ask me almost any questions, as long as they are not too personal. Also, I might have trouble answering questions about memes.

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  • Sebastian pereira90


    October 25, 2017 by Sebastian pereira90

    Everyone has done this,so,why not?

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  • Withersoul 235


    It's Wither here, and I've got a few suggestions to take a few entries OFF the Blacklist.

    Gaster: I've been thinking - his limited appearances and the limited info about him... is it really enough to qualify for the Blacklist? I mean, Gaster showed a few powers (see VS Battles), and through datamining, he's 2-A for having superior stats to Omega Flowey - which would in turn make Asriel Dreemurr High 2-A and the Annoying Dog Low 1-C. Gaster is literally a key part in Undertale powerscaling, he should definitely be removed from the list.


    • Minecraft Creepypastas: Semi-Canon stuff is allowed, and the MC Creepypastas have actual feats and powers from various different works including their origin creepypasta. I honestly no longer se…
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  • Mystery idiot 50

    okay, i am recreating this blog with more feats.

    okay, this is taken from vs battles.

    1. If Beerus fought in the time nest, he would destroy that dimension of time, aka the 4th dimension. They specify the dimension of "time" not a Universe. Beerus is completely uncaring and not afraid at all, as is Whis. he is willing to go nap even back at his temple while such a threat looms over the multiverse from Demigra to.

    2. Mira and Towa exist outside the flow of time, even during their battles, Demigra, Goku, Bardock, the patrollers etc have also fought outside of time in the crack of time, and can indeed fight against Towa and Mira as well. This shows they can…

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  • Metal Mario875

    Okay, so, higher dimensional Bill Cipher was "debunked," and I'm here to clear things up with it.

    Here's a link to it, but I'll be posting it below and dissecting it anyway. So, here we go.

    "...No offense intended, but it sounds kinda dumb.

    Bill Cipher being a threat to the Multiverse at 2-A is a-ok and all, but him getting a High 1-C tier based on literally a single statement in the book that is self-contradictory when there's 0 feats or things in the series to back that up is another matter entirely.

    For one, simple capability to exist in higher dimensions does not instantly qualify one for a higher dimensional tier, which I'd like to address here.

    The thing with the Trilazzx Beta aliens, which are said to be 'scared of his power.'

    It's said t…

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  • Withersoul 235

    My first calc blog!

    As crazy as this sounds, there are multiple worlds in the Garfield Multiverse.

    Time to count 'em all.

    The main Garfield world = 1

    MGW + Alternate timeline from the 1989 Halloween Arc = 2

    Then, there's the Real World and the Comic Strip World (a world different from the world of the comics which is seemingly another different "real world"), plus the parallel Pet Force dimension. Counting those and we get 5.

    Then, the worlds of The Garfield Show.

    There's another alternate timeline that lacks Garfield, a parallel universe where the concepts of cats and humans are swapped around, a spider dimension where everyone is a spider and a witchcraft world - and the main world of the series. We're on 9.

    Yet another is the world of the live-…

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  • Maverick Zero X

    Base Sonic feats

    October 14, 2017 by Maverick Zero X

    •  Large Building level: (Casually rips through and destroys a boulder with his Spin Attack )
    • Multi-City Block level: (Causes a small mountain to explode )
    • Likely Island level: (Capable of defeating Base Mecha Sonic who destroysSky Sanctuary Zone in his battle with Knuckles which is likely comparable in size to Angel Island itself )
    • Island level: (Can trade blows with Classic Knuckles who defeated Titan Metal Sonic who is capable torching an entire island )

    • 'Planet level:' (Defeated Chaos 1 who had the power of a Chaos Emerald which enabled Eggman to break the planet into seven pieces in Sonic Advance 3 )
    • At least Planet level: (Defeated Ultimate Emerl  who absorbed all seven Chaos Emeralds. Professor Gerald Robotnik [very credible source] state…

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  • ArceusBowser44


    October 7, 2017 by ArceusBowser44

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  • Paleomario66

    This is a follow-up to these two blogs. The blog for the anime Tournament of Power anime is here, and the blog for the Dragon Ball Super manga is here.

    A major topic that has been debated since the end of the God of Destruction Beerus Saga (AKA Battle of Gods Saga) of Dragon Ball Super is: How strong is Goku's base form. There are two sides to this argument. Some argue that Goku's base form is superior to Super Saiyan God Goku in the God of Destruction Beerus Saga, while others argue that Goku has two base forms: one with godly ki and one without, as Goku can still use his regular Super Saiyan forms.

    For a long time, I agreed with the "two base forms" idea, but now I realized there's a lot of evidence I never knew of before that supports Goku…

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  • ArceusBowser44

    So, not everyone actually agree with the "Mario ranges in power from game to game". That logic also makes Mario range from City level to Multiverse level. Honestly, because of Miyamoto's  statement, and because of Mario loose continuity, i like to use that logic tbh. Especially since that would help a lot for the scaling. However, again, not everyone agree with it. So, i just want to make a blog about this, in order to qualify how strong is Mario vi consistency alone.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Mario should have different keys..Why? Simple. Because, this would help A LOT with scaling the characters. Birdo never fought against a 3-D Mario, so she hasn't a reason to be Tier 4. Yes, she did fought Mario in the RPGs, but in this case, she should have 2 diff…

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  • Paleomario66

    My Birthday

    September 28, 2017 by Paleomario66

    All I wanted to say is, today is my birthday!

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  • ArceusBowser44

    So, i have seen the Illumina downgrade blog, and Matthew made a lot of points of why they weren't serious when they said that everything in Sonic is canon, so..

    Not everything in Sonc is canon, right?

    Well, that does mean, that Archie Sonic/Sonic X/ Sonic Boom /=/ Game Sonic...

    And so, this should be  downgrade for some characters, for example Solaris. If not everything is canon then, Sonic Shuffle, which was never confirmed as canon (as it is also an inconsistent party game) then, Solaris is only 2-C.

    And, Power of the Stars should also be downgraded to 2-C, same the super forms.

    So, can you give some information about what is actually canon in Sonic? or, was Matthew lying?

    I honestly don't know, and i'm not a giant expert about the Sonic canon.

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  • Withersoul 235


    September 24, 2017 by Withersoul 235

    ...What the fuck just happened?

    The chat randomly shut down, my Gaster page got deleted (luckily I had a backup), my avatar/profile pic got reset, the database is supposedly locked...


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  • Maverick Zero X

    This is a compilation of all of Super's Sonic feats. Note that only achievements performed specifically by Super Sonic will be documented. What I mean by this is that things like "scales to this machine which destroyed X" will not be considered. While Super Sonic indeeds scales above the all of Eggman's machinery, that is not a proper way to scale the absolute cap of Super Sonic's power. 

    The Chaos Emeralds turn the users thoughts into power , the "controller" serving to unify the Chaos (Emeralds)  and enrich the gems via their feelings (or what's in their hearts ). A "controller" whose "heart" is filled things such as anger, sadness , and turmoil  harnesses "Negative Energy " . However, a who controller utilizes the exact opposite emotion…

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  • Maverick Zero X

    The Sonic Megaverse

    September 23, 2017 by Maverick Zero X

     Work in progress

    A Megaverse is a collection of numerous multiverses. While that term may or may not be a real thing, this blog will serve to give the number of universes or explain the establised cosmology of the various continuities of Sonic the Hedgehog.

    The main game continuity is shown to have have several parallel dimensions and alternate timelines

    Parallel Dimensions:

    There's the main universe/timeline

    The Sol Dimension

    The Twilight Cage

    World of Camelot (likely)

    Arabian Nights Reality

    Unnamed dimension Blaze had to transport herself to with Iblis

    Ifrit's dimension

    The Flicky Dimension

    The Special Stage of Sonic Chaos 

    Maginaryworld, a world in which the dreams of beings across multiple dimensions coalesce together becoming reality, turning int…

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  • Mysterymist the omnipotent interplanetary idiot

    okay, this is taken from vs battles.

    1. If Beerus fought in the time nest, he would destroy that dimension of time, aka the 4th dimension. They specify the dimension of "time" not a Universe. Beerus is completely uncaring and not afraid at all, as is Whis. he is willing to go nap even back at his temple while such a threat looms over the multiverse from Demigra to.

    2. Mira and Towa exist outside the flow of time, even during their battles, Demigra, Goku, Bardock, the patrollers etc have also fought outside of time in the crack of time, and can indeed fight against Towa and Mira as well. This shows they can freely leave the flow of time and multiverse, a…

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  • Paleomario66

    This is a follow-up to these two blogs. The blog for the rest of the Dragon Ball Super anime is here, and the blog for the Dragon Ball Super manga is here.


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  • ArceusBowser

    Another account

    September 6, 2017 by ArceusBowser

    So, i am still ArceusBowser22 and ArceusBowser44. I changed my account again. Reasons? As ArceusBowser22, i wasn't able to edit my profiles. I tried everything, but nothing. So i signed out, and created this new account. So, since ArceusBowser22 it's useless, can you guys block him? Just to not have confusion.

    With this account, i can finally edit my profiles and create profiles.

    EDIT: It seems that actually i can't edit my profiles..I don't get it. I edited Kamek with this account before (I made just a try, i tried to add a link in "Superhuman Physical Charateristic" and it worked. Now i edited the entirety of the Metal Mario profile and it didn't worked). I don't get if i can't add too many links, or i don't get if i can't add external lin…

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  • ArceusBowser22

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  • Withersoul 235


    As we discussed on chat, many of us copy-pasted everything from VS Battles - ranging from powers and abilities to even full profiles for some reason - which violates our wiki's terms.

    From now on, we'll create our OWN Powers & Abilities pages.

    And here's the template:

    By the way, feel free to comment down other ideas and suggestions, or other things about the wiki having to become more original and creative (rather than constantly doing Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for virtually everything).

    I also want to discuss the profiles Adam completely cloned from VS Battles. I say we delete them, but of course, I need input from you guys.

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  • ArceusBowser44

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  • Metal Mario875

    Okay, so... as you guys know, I had some financial problems last time. This time, it's a bunch of stuff. Financial, since the power company called us up today and said that they needed more money or we'd be shut off (I seriously hate them now), busy, since school is back, and of course, all the miscellaneous things.

    So, I'm gonna be gone for two weeks. I'm sorry about this, guys.

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  • ArceusBowser44


    August 20, 2017 by ArceusBowser44

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  • Paleomario66

    This is a recalc of Donkey Kong's Moon Punch, as I think the original calc is highly flawed.

    First off, the speed used in it seems too slow. Plus, the moon could be the same size as our own after all, just that the moon was scaled down in size. This is supported by the moon being exactly like ours in Super Mario Land 2. Another level also supports the moon being very large. Just in case, I'll use two calcs: one with the originally estimated mass, and one with the mass of our moon.

    The moon went down to Earth in 2 seconds, so using the distance from the moon and the time of 2 seconds, the speed is 191511936 m/s, about 64% of the speed of light.

    Now, the mass in the original calc was 28134968929454.7 kg. To find this, I'm using the Relativistic…

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  • Paleomario66

    New 52 fights Braniac with a black hole and causes it to collapse.

    This is a recalc based off of this blog. The pixel scaling was done pretty well, but finding the power of the black hole is the problem. It used the old mass-energy conversion method, which made the results a bit too high. For this calc, I will be using another method.

    As you can see, the Black hole is 1854 pixels.

    1854 / 208 = 8.91346154

    8.91346154 * 12756 = 113700.115 km

    Mass: 113,700,115 / 148e-27 = 7.682440203e+32 kilograms, or 386.1 solar masses.

    Black Hole Power: 386.1 x 6.276e+41 = 2.42286e+44 Joules.

    Final Conversion: 2.42286e+44 / 10^44 = 2.42286 Foe, Large Star.

    2.42286 Foe, which, according to our Attack Potency page, is Large Star level+, far lower than the original result …

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  • Paleomario66

    In order to revert Oozaru Gohan to his base form, Piccolo destroys the moon.

    This is based off of this calc. For this calc, I will be using footage from Dragon Ball Z Kai to determine the timeframe, as DBZ Kai was stated to be more faithful to the manga, and as I've mentioned before, most of the contradictions between it and the manga are minor or they could be considered retcons.

    Also, using DBZ Kai footage would be beneficial as the timeframe in the original calc is way too high, and there's no reason Piccolo would charge an attack for a long time to destroy the moon, especially considering how desparate he was.

    Here's the full episode 5 of Dragon Ball Z Kai for reference.

    Piccolo started to charge the blast at 17:28, and the moon exploded at 17…

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  • Paleomario66

    Tomorrow, I'm going on a trip to Oregon. I'll be gone until next Sunday at night (in my timezone).

    However, I won't be completely absent. I'll still likely show up at some points when I'm at the places where I am staying. I just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be less active for a week or so.

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  • ArceusBowser44
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  • Paleomario66

    This is based off of these two blogs. The blog for the Dragon Ball Super anime is here.

    Finding Goku's Attack Potency in the beginning of Dragon Ball Super isn't that hard, since there's no indication he's gotten significantly stronger since the Buu Saga. For scaling, I will not only be using the Dragon Ball manga, but Dragon Ball Kai. Though there are some contradictions in the latter, they are usually insignificant, except for the view of Hell in the Buu Saga. This could just be a simple mistake as Hell was never shown in the Saiyan Saga like it was in the original Dragon Ball Z. It could also be a retcon since we never got a clear picture of Hell until Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F and Dragon Ball Super. In Dragon Ball Kai, Kid Buu graduall…

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  • Metal Mario875

    So... in three days, I'll be leaving for awhile. How long?

    At least a week. I might be gone for longer, maybe a little shorter. But don't count on the latter.

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  • ArceusBowser44

    So, I have talked with Metal some times ago, and we both agree that the Dream Depot is bigger in size. Reasons? Well....

    The Star Spirits (in the manual, i don't remember the page however) has confirmed that Mario and Co (As well as Bowser, since he dreams so much that his dreams were FAR stronger than ANY other dreams in the Dream Depot, allowing him to enter the in the Dream Depot) dreams FAR FAR more than the other people. Since this "FAR FAR more" is unkown, i will take a low-end (8 dreams, because in order to dream more than a normal person, which can dream 7 times, you have to dream at least one more time) and a high-end (12 dreams, because a person can dream from 4 to 7 times, and Mario an co dream FAR more than that, we can easily a…

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  • Paleomario66

    This blog is linked to this one and is based on on the blogs on VS Battles Wiki by Dark649. All credit for the screenshots goes to him. It covers the Tournament of Power, which is including and will include a lot of events that will be covered here. The difference from his blog is that I will have a section about scaling as well.

    The scaling blog is here.

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  • Paleomario66

    This is based on the blog on VS Battles Wiki by Dark649. All credit goes to him. My blog has a similar purpose to the previously mentioned blog, but there a few added things the former doesn't have, such as the support for Goku and other characters being Tier 2. The purpose of this is also somewhat similar to the blogs by Metal and I on Mario and Adam's blog on Sonic.

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  • Withersoul 235


    July 9, 2017 by Withersoul 235

    Hey guys,

    I'll be inactive for four full days and a half. Just to let you know.

    Oh, and don't ya dare to throw a party behind my back and burn this place down with torches, XD

    EDIT: I'll still be here for a couple more hours before I go offline. 

    EDIT II: I'm out now. See you all in a few days.

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  • Metal Mario875

    Alright everyone. I'm here to calculate all universes that exist within the Marioverse--from the real world universes, to the dream world universes. Mario's especially heavy on the latter, which is what makes the verse so enormous. First, we'll do "Real World," then we'll do "Dream Stone," and finish it up with "Dream Depot." Let's get started, shall we?

    The Paranormal Dimension, Underwhere and Overthere should still contribute dreams, considering characters do retain the ability to sleep, and feel fatigue. So I'll be using the full population from the beginning of time (the Big Bang) to calculate Dream Depot accurately.

    Also, please note that I'm only doing a high-end version. One that assumes the highest possible values for the dreams. Even …

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  • ArceusBowser44

    7 days

    July 8, 2017 by ArceusBowser44

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  • Withersoul 235

    You are not allowed to copy this info unless you have permission.

    A place where I post Death Battle Info for my FCs and OCs.

    • Real name: Unknown, goes by the name of "Shifter"
    • Age: 13
    • Homeplace: Alsna, Vezal

    • Invisibility
    • Energy Projection
    • Plasma Projection
    • Music Projectiles
    • Colour Beams
    • Paint Blasts
    • Superhuman speed, strength, durability, reflexes and agility

    • Polymorphal Phaser
      • Allows Shifter to transform himself and/or enemies into various objects, organisms and/or things
      • Shoots out a laser that changes the shape and structure of its target
    • Transformation Energy Blaster
      • Shoots out green blasts and beams of transformation energy
    • Transmutation Merger
      • Can shape others into multiple forms at once
    • Undo Remote
      • Reverts transformations and transmutations
    • Bolas
    • Hammer
    • En…

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