• Mystery idiot 50

    Alrighty. Due to several hundreds of arguments i think i am going to give this a serious thought. This feat, is a huge debateble topic now-a-days. So with this, i am doing a critical analysis on the infamous goku vs beerus clash feat, and re-explain why the clash feat is

    1. Low 2-C to 2-C at least and NOT 3-C, 3-B, 3-A or High 3-A.

    2. NOT 2-B.

    With this, let's start. Ofcourse, the whole thing is just my opinion. With that, have fun!

    To prove that the Goku Vs Beerus clash feat is Low 2-C to 2-C.

    "Obviously, they are invididually Multi Galaxy level. The COMBINED force of Goku and Beerus only SHOOK the Universe, and did not destroy it. There is no clear evidence that it would destroy space and time.They also need to destroy the universe with a SIN…

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  • Unbacked0

    During the fight with Amon in Yakuza 4, he uses a satellite laser that he can use against Kiryu. Kiryu is able to react to and dodge this laser, so I was wondering how fast this laser was.


    Timing how long the laser took to fire was the hardest part because of how the first laser hits the ground before Amon has fully pulled out the controller, so I had to time between Amon pulling out the controller and the first laser hitting the ground.

    The time between Amon pulling out the controller and the first laser hitting the ground: 0.1225 seconds.

    The placement of the satellite is also difficult since satellites can be at multiple altitudes, so I'll use a low ball and a high ball for this calculation.

    Low bal…

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  • BatMario753

    Super Smash Bros. movesets are used a lot in VS Debates. Whether it be in Death Battles, Cartoon Fight Club episodes, DBFW/DA Death Battles, and more. However, how correct is this? That's what I'll be discussing.

    Many Super Smash Bros. moves were pulled from canon games. Yoshi's Ground Pound, Bowser's Bowser Bomb, Kirby's Inhale, Sonic's Homing Attack, and MUCH more. So, that's a start I guess??? What this proves is that most of the Super Smash Bros. moves have been canon before their appearance in Smash, so there's no use to really talk about these moves. However, this shows that the Smash team was considering their canon abilities/techniques when they made their movesets, which could slightly imply that Smash-originated moves would be abl…

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  • Withersoul 235

    The Slender Man, commonly stylized as Slenderman, is an urban legend, creepypasta and a character in various different media such as video games, webseries (known as ARGs), webcomics and movies. He is known by countless different names and personas, but it all started on June 10, 2009, when he was created by Eric Knudsen for a contest on the Something Awful forums.

    The character blasted off into popularity, and soon enough, he was everywhere. Slender Man is most commonly known as a supernatural, often godlike entity that stalks, torments and eventually kidnaps or kills humans — usually children, teenagers and young adults, but he is known to have countless adult victims as well. Slender Man usually takes off with his victims into the unknown,…

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  • Mystery idiot 50

    Yeah, a sudden rush of work......i am in a similar condition to adam, lol.

    I would be back by......26th.

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  • ArceusBowser44

    Yeah, pretty much. To be entirely honest with you guys, i just...don't care. When i first joined i was excited, ambitious and stuff..but now that i think about it, that is unnecessary. I just don't care a lot about the wikia in general, and i find stupid how i have to waste time here when i have a shit-load of projects (some are actually extremely important and i need to finish those) and i'm building up my own future, the results are actually incredible if i have to be honest which is a thing i'm prouf od since i'm only 13, and i want to keep working on that. I'm defining the essence of the path i chose, and each day is a brighter day to me. I am full of hopes, expectations and desires that will become a reality, i know that, since they a…

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  • Paleomario66

    These are my favorite characters in all of the Dragon Ball series, along with an explanation for why I like said character.

    Yep. Vegeta's my favorite Dragon Ball character of all, for multiple reasons. The biggest one is that IMO he's the most developed character in the entire franchise. At first, Vegeta started off as an arrogant, ruthless killer who wanted immortality for himself. In the Namek and Frieza Saga, he still stays this way, but reluctantly teams up with Krillin and Gohan to fight Frieza and his army. While fighting the Ginyu Force, Vegeta still shows the same ruthlessness, and a contrast between his nature and Goku's is clear. In this case, Vegeta's lack of mercy is completely understandable, since showing mercy could give the Gin…

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  • Mystery idiot 50

    There are some characters we like just because they are so cool and badass,like broly but some, we like or rather, we love because of their personality and other features.

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  • Mystery idiot 50

    Q/A board

    August 2, 2018 by Mystery idiot 50

    Ask me anything you want to know about me, provided it isn't too personal.

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  • Paleomario66

    The Super Mario Bros. franchise is known for being amazingly inconsistent in terms of feats, especially since Miyamoto considers the cast as a "troupe of actors", taking different roles in different games as with Popeye. Their power often varies just as much as their roles do. The Tier 4 feats are commonly accepted on most wikis, and sometimes the Tier 3 ones are. However, most of the time, the Tier 2 feats in the franchise are rejected, considered outliers, or decided to be illogical from a powerscaling perspective (ex: Mario defeating Grand Star Bowser or Dreamy Bowser). There are plenty of feats ranging from Star level or lower, to Multiverse level (some arguments place them even higher than that).

    Before I start this blog, I will not be takin…

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  • Tod the Eldrazi

    My WIPs

    August 1, 2018 by Tod the Eldrazi

    What I will do when I get home from vacation:

    Yukari tier revision (Downgrade, completed)

    Homestuck High Tier revisions (Upgrade, completed)

    Minor Asriel revision (Minor Upgrade, complete)

    Flowey revision (Upgrade, complete)

    Completion of Aatrox page + Revision (Upgrade)

    Completion of Meme Man page

    Completion of Bunchie page + Minor Revision (Minor Upgrade)

    Minor Bill Cipher Revision (Minor Downgrade + New Powers)

    Completion of Vriska Serket Page

    MtG god tier revisions (Downgrade, completed.)

    Create a Semi-Composite Thanos profile

    Giygas revision (Downgrade)

    A blog explaining homestuck’s ending

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  • Paleomario66

    Donkey Kong punches the moon, causing it to fall down to the planet.

    Even though the moon appears small, it is likely the same size as our own, just that the moon was scaled down in size to fit the screen. This is supported by the moon being exactly like ours in Super Mario Land 2. Another level also supports the moon being very large.

    Here's the feat.

    • Moon = 106 Pixels
    • Moon Diameter = 3,474,000 m

    • Top of Screen to Tower = 586 pixels
    • Top of Screen to Tower Distance = 19,205,320.8 m

    The moon appears from the top of the screen on frame 379 and hits the tower on frame 386. Since the video runs at 25 fps, the distance (divide 7 by 25) is 0.28, so the time frame would be .28 seconds.

    19,205,320.8 m / 0.28 seconds = 68,590,431.4 m/s

    • KE = 0.5 * M * V^2
    • The …

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  • TheHadouCyberspaceWitch

    The purpose of this blog is to analyse and explain what each type in Pokémon consists of, for the sake of what Pokémon will get which resistances and abilities and whatnot. 

    Grass - This covers Plant Manipulation, Fungus Manipulation, Light Manipulation (to the Solar light extent), and just "nature energy"

    Fire - Fire Manipulation, Magma Manipulation, lava, Heat Manipulation, and this seems to also cover the Sun, as with Sunny day and the fact that sunlight strengthens Fire type attacks, and Hellfire Manipulation and ghostly types of fire are also covered here

    Water - Water Manipulation, and in some cases, things related to aquatic animals, such as with Octazooka, Withdraw, Razor Shell, Clamp, and Crabhammer

    Electric - Electricity Manipulation, E…

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  • Paleomario66

    In order to revert Oozaru Gohan to his base form, Piccolo destroys the moon.

    Although I have done this twice before, a different method is being used here to calculate the power here.

    Here's the feat.

    Piccolo fired the blast on frame 3798 and it reaches the moon on frame 3877. This is 79 frames. Since the video runs at 25 fps, the timeframe for here would be 3.16 seconds.

    It is officially stated that the moon in Dragon Ball is 400,000 meters closer to Earth than our own moon, making the distance between the moon and Earth 384,000,000 meters.

    Speed = 384,000,000 / 3.16 = 121,518,987.3 m/s

    121,904,761.9 m/s / 299,792,458 m/s (speed of light) = 0.405 c (Relativistic)

    NOTE: The distance for the fragments traveled was found by using this calculator.

    • Dia…

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  • Mystery idiot 50

    Please don't read this blog if this offends you in ANY way. Okay, this is my personal opinion. Now a LOT of people want to see dragon ball crossover with things like pretty cure, sailor moon, naruto, etc.....

    However, i think dragon ball should not have a crossover with other animes, rather with mario and sonic. Sailor moon is NOTHING like dbz, and i believe the sailor moonxsaint seiya is MUCH more reasonable. Both fight in teams, are super heroes, warriors and all that.....

    So yeah, either dbz is alone or with mario/sonic.

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  • ZeroTwo64

    In episode 12 of the first season of the Yuki Yuna is a Hero anime series, the Leo Vertex used its strongest attack in order to destroy the Shinju: a giant fireball that was stated to be comparable to the sun. Mimori Togo, Karin Miyoshi, Fu Inubozaki and Itsuki Inubozaki tried to stop it by using their full power. Yuna than used her Mankai and destroyed the fireball with one punch. In this blog, I'll calculate how strong was that feat.

    The fireball was stated to be comparable to the sun, so I use the size and the mass of the sun.

    Fireball=Sun= 66 px

    Screen height= 544 px

    Sun's radius= 695,508,000 m

    Sun mass= 1.989e+30 Kg

    In order to calculate the distance to the fireball, I have to use the equation:

    2atan(tan(70/2)*(object size in pixels/screen hei…

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  • BatMario753

    I recommend listening to some good old Star Fox music while reading this.

    Basically, team Star Fox goes from the Space Graveyard straight to Corneria. Expecting some good faster than light results.

    The events of Star Fox Zero all take place in one day.

    Evidence 1: Even on the 7th level and just 3 levels away from finishing the game (iirc), Fox states "this day just keeps getting better" implying that everything up until now has still just been in one day.

    Evidence 2: At the beginning of the game, Star Fox goes through Corneria to do the usual and shoot some dudes, and it's daytime and after sunrise for reasons I'll explain later. And then, at the end of the game, when they return to Corneria its' sunset.

    Evidence 1 kinda helps but the second pi…

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  • ZeroTwo64

    This blog contains links to important pages, so I can easily reach them from here.

    Magia Record official Twitter page

    Magia Record official site

    Magia Record story

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica Rebellion info

    Puella Magi Production Note

    Rebellion Production Note

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica magazines

    Manga Time Kirara Magica

    Manga Time Kirara Web

    Madoka Magica Anthology

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica Rebellion Q&A

    Devil Homura's world

    Witches official cards

    Magia Record translated stories

    Puella Magi Wiki

    Magia Record Wiki

    Madoka Wiki

    Yuki Yuna is a Hero franchise guide

    Yuki Yuna is a Hero timeline

    Kirby 20th Anniversary Encyclopedia Artbook

    Kirby feats collection

    Magical Powers (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

    Magical Girls Magic

    Magia Record general informations

    Magia Record cha…

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  • Mystery idiot 50

    This is EXTREMELY important and may lead to creation of a new rule.

    Alright, but here is the case. I have seen that SEVERAL profiles here has used devianart renders. Naturally, that would be ok.


    However, the truth is that taking pictures (Except screenshots) from devianart without giving proper credits and a link is considered STEALING and violates fandom policy, as well as devianart policy.

    Hence, i believe we should have a rule that, if we may use a render or picture from an artist of devianart, we should gove credits and a link.

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  • Lord Dark Goose


    July 20, 2018 by Lord Dark Goose
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  • Withersoul 235

    Your eyes are not deceiving you. Nor is this title a joke.

    Getting straight to the point; I'm practically leaving the wiki. I'll keep my bureaucrat rights, still do some background stuffs and check the wiki now and then, but that's about it. For the rest, no me on this wiki.


    There's a pretty big lot of reasons. But I'll make a quick list of them.

    • Lack of interest. Over time, my interest on this wiki has suffered a significant drop. I don't feel like being on here anymore. Whenever I plan on creating a profile here, it never gets any further than a tiny, cute Work in Progress in my No Time Profiles. Working on it I pretty much don't do anymore.
    • Move to other VS Wikis. In general, I've had more interest in creation of new profiles on other VS…
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  • Mystery idiot 50


    July 18, 2018 by Mystery idiot 50
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  • ZeroTwo64







    Powers and Abilities:

    Attack Potency:


    Lifting Strength:

    Striking Strength:




    Standard Equipment:




    Tier: 4-A. At least 3-B, likely 3-A in Homura Tamura | 4-A

    Name: Kyoko Sakura | Ophelia

    Origin: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    Gender: Female

    Age: 14 (Estimated)


    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Magically Enhanced Physiology, Enhanced Leap, Telepathy, Weapon Creation (Can create a modular spear), Magic Detection (Can sense the presence of Witches nearby), Portal Creation (Mami is able to create portals to enter a witch barrier, and Kyoko should have this power too), Immortality (Types 2, 6 and 7), Statistics Amplification (In P…

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  • Maverick Zero X

    A Super transformation (also called a "Super form" or "Super State" is a recurring technique in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a transformation that character undergo after absorbing vast amounts of Chaos Energy, usually via the seven Chaos Emeralds. This grants an exponential boost in power and bolsters the user's innate abilities many times over (as well as adding new abilities like Flight and Invulnerability).

    Unfortunately, Super Sonic and co. are known for being wildly inconsistent, entailing feats ranging from planetary all the way to freaking Multiversal. This is why I'm choosing to make a blog giving my view on the "consistent" upper limit of the Chaos Emeralds/Super forms.

    Firstly, it is important to establish that Sonic and fri…

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  • ZeroTwo64

    Thanks to an official guide, we should have had the official stats for the 5 magical girls (Madoka, Sayaka, Homura, Mami and Kyoko) of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime and manga series. However, the anime shows many times the inconsistency of those stats, and in this blog I'll explain the reasons why they can't be used to scale magical girls and witches, and I'll debunk those stats.

    , Sayaka's attack is 1.5, while 1st timeline Madoka's attack is 0.5, but this has lots of contradictions in the anime. First of all, Sayaka can defeat mid level witches, like Elsa Maria, with great difficulty, and she has to abuse her regenerative powers to defeat the witch, thus tainting her soul gem. Madoka, on the other hand, has shown to be equal to the s…

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  • Unbacked0

    This blog will be used as a place for all of the descriptions of every weapon skill in the Disgaea series so we can find out which character has which abilities.

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  • Bill With A Mouth Solos

    • Sentient Equipment: Mario has several companions that act as equipment and are part of gameplay, sticking with Mario from start to finish. This sets them apart from being outside help, as they have nothing else to make them a standalone character, unlike companions like Luigi and Yoshi.
      • F.L.U.D.D.: In real life, water jets streaming out 100 psi, or pounds per square inch, can only lift men about ten feet into the air for a few seconds. The Hover Nozzle does exactly that, except holds Mario even longer than water jetpacks. Then, the Basic Nozzle can blast enemies away with enough force that, upon collision with a wall, their bodies flatten. It can also blast Bullet Bills to pieces, become a water version of a missile launcher, & can even wash…

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  • BatMario753

    I'm going to try and list all of the multipliers I can get for forms and power boosting techniques in Dragon Ball. Most of this isn't 100% word of god, and what isn't word of god is just me trying to get the best answer I can out of official information.

    Just using regular Kaio-ken seems to have a multiplier effect somewhere between 1 and 2 times as it has to be some kind of a boost and Kaio-ken times 2 is stated to be a 2 times multiplier. The other multipliers are given to us (eg. Kaio-ken times 3 is 3x)

    Kaio-ken: Somewhere between 1x and 2x

    Kaio-ken 2-20: 2-20x

    That's when they do this. It's described as gathering ki to power one's self up. I suppose it really just depends on how much ki you gather up.

    Power Up: >1x, how much it increases depen…

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  • ZeroTwo64

    This blog only contains picture of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, so I can easily link all the feats from a character profile to the picture that shows that feat.

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  • Maverick Zero X

    Short little blog to validate calculations pertaining to the Cosmic Interstate.

    The Cosmic Interstate (also known as the Cosmic Highway or Interdimensional Highway) is a series of pathways connecting the various Zones (parallel universes) of the Sonic the Hedgehog Multiverse.

    Sonic is often seen using the Cosmic Interstate to travel between parallel universes, and due to this scan entailing that it is light-years in diameter it is a major talking point when discussing Sonic's speed.

    This blog will serve to give some insight on the Cosmic Interstate's size and explain why not only is it light-years in diameter, but also prove that each pathway leading to another universe is universal in length.

    The Cosmic Interstate is often emphasized to enabl…

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  • Maverick Zero X

    This blog will serve to prove that Sonic and friends being "Superhuman" is can be argued to be "consistent" and thus feasible. This'll come to use when debating against "those" people who will unironically use low-end showings to downplay Sonic's statistics, and insist that higher end feats cannot be used for whatever reason.

    • In order to utilize the Cosmic Interstate to travel to a separate Zone/Universe a character must transverse a large amount of outer space, which of course would require faster-than-light speeds if they wish to reach their destination in a practical time frame (i.e. in their life time). Here is a blog going into further detail.
    • The Lasers fired by Robotnik's machines are considered actual laser beams. They're literally c…

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  • Sailor Saturn 006


    July 6, 2018 by Sailor Saturn 006


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  • Bill With A Mouth Solos

    Read this calculation by VS Battles Wiki, they did an amazing job with the calculation

    With that being said, lets begin.

    So, for simplicities say we're going to do the same measurement that VBW made I.E pixel measurements

    The moon's diameter is 420 pixels, in real life that would be 2,159.2 miles or in kilometers that would be 3,474.89556 kilometers. The depth of the crater is 125 pixels,

    420 divided by 125 = 3.36

    3,474.89556 divided by 3.36 equals 1,034.1951071428571429 kilometers 

    The Diameter of the Crater is 308 pixels 420 divided by 308 = 1.3636363636363636

    3,474.89556 divided by 1.3636363636363636 = 2,548.2567440000000679535 kilometers, …

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  • Maverick Zero X

    Sonic calcs

    July 2, 2018 by Maverick Zero X

    These are just some strength and speed calcs for Sonic characters. Most of them aren't completed yet tho, but I'll get around to doing them whenever.

    • Classic Sonic's height is 76.5 cm (2'6while Modern Sonic's height is 100 cm (3' 3")
    • Sonic and friends have consistently proven themselves to be faster than sound and light, so it is not ludicrous to believe that they are MFTL+ as long as they have concrete feats on that level that aren't systematically contradicted by canon events/consistent lore. 

    Blatant feats performed by Sonic.

    This "feat" can be dismissed as aesthetic at first glance, but it does have a sort of premise. 

    Firstly, it is important to explain the purpose of the Ring Sonic jumped through.

    As exp…

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  • StarMario89

    Luigi dodges lasers in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. That's what is getting calc'd

    side note: i'm aware there's a pink line outside of the one measuring the distance; didn't notice until now

    I do not have much time; Mario is 1.803 meters tall—gonna round Luigi to 1.87 meters, as he's considerably taller than Mario.

    Luigi is 32px

    • 43/32 = 1.34375 times larger

    1.34375 * 1.87 = 2.5128125 meters for distance

    To get the time Luigi had to dodge the laser..

    • T = D/S
    • T = 2.5128125/299792458 = 8.38184028e-9 seconds

    Luigi jumped 55px

    • 55/32 = 1.71875 times larger

    1.87*1.71875 = 3.2140625 meters moved

    • V = D/T
    • V = 3.2140625/8.38184028e-9 = 383455470m/s, which is 1.2c; or FTL.

    Luigi's Speed On PiT = 1.2c


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  • Mystery idiot 50

    Alright, bois. DB is one of my favourite verses, but some characters i just CAN'T stand. Here is a list.

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  • Mystery idiot 50

    Yeah yeah and yeah. Cheers to me. I am celebrating my completition of first part by creating this profile. My favourite character? Sparkling frieza.

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  • Paleomario66

    This is not a response to just one person's page. This is a response to the arguments in general against 4-D Goku. I won't be addressing Cocotte's dimension since it's clear that it's not universe-sized, and there are no statements supporting it. I also won't go into detail about the feat about Beerus and Champa being stated to be able to destroy the 6th and 7th universes in their battle since this would be affected by my point about Beerus and Goku shaking Universe 7's Macrocosm.

    A common argument against Jiren being 4-D is that Jiren isn't superior to Infinite Zamasu, but only Merged Zamasu. This claim has several problems with it. First off, Infinite Zamasu being superior to Half-Corrupted Merged Zamasu and even regular Merged Zamasu mak…

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  • Maverick Zero X

    The Chaos Force

    June 26, 2018 by Maverick Zero X

    Note: I will (eventually) expand this into a blog explaining all the contexts of the notable feats performed by Archie Top Tiers. Until then, this will simply serve as a reference point explaining why the Chaos Force is at least 5D

    The Next Evolution is a sort of afterlife for members of the Brotherhood of Guardians. Due to its nature, it is assumed to be the Astral Plane, and thus 4D. Here are scans proving that it is a higher plane of reality.

    As explained by the scans, beings that exist within the Chaos Force are incomprehensible to those who exist within the Next Evolution, as they exist on separate planes of existence.

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  • Unbacked0

    When considering the power of the God tiers of the Nippon Ichi, one of the biggest issues is determining the size of the Cosmos that every Nippon Ichi game takes place in. Opinions range from it being a single universe to it being multiple universes to it being an infinite multiverse. Well, with the information I have gathered I can answer this question.


    It is blatantly stated by Pram at the beginning of Makai Kingdom. You might ask is Pram a reliable source of information and the answer is yes. Pram is not only one of the smartest people in the Nippon Ichi series but she frequently reads the Sacred Tome, a book that has every piece of knowledge in the Cosmos written in it. There is also the fact that she has no reason to lie since this…

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  • StarMario89

    Was bored.

    Formula is E= 4*U*((Er/Br)^2), U is GBE of Earth, Er is the explosion's radius, Br is the Earth's radius, and E is the yield.

    Gonna be using the stars on the night sky (10000); given that the average distance between them is 5 lightyears, we get 25000 lightyears for radius. That is 236513210125000500000 meters

    The GBE of the Earth is 2.24e32j; and it's radius is 6373044.737 meters

    4 * 2.24e32 * ((236513210125000500000/6373044.737)^2) = 1.2340276e+60 joules, 12.34 PetaFoe, which is indeed Multi-Solar System level

    Will also make the "creating two stars" type of feat. Distance between stars is 5 ly or 47302642025000100 meters; radius is 23651321012500050 meters.

    4 * 2.24e32 * ((23651321012500050/6373044.737)^2) = 1.23402762e52 joules, which is …

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  • ZeroTwo64

    Despite being a comedy of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica series, I think that the Puella Magi Homura Tamura manga are really nice and funny. For this reason I've decided to create a blog, whose purpose is to collect all the main feats of Homura (the undisputed star of the manga) and the other characters. Puella Magi Homura Tamura is composed of 3 volumes, and each volume contains an introduction and 10 chapters, with a total of 30 chapters. This manga was also confirmed to be canon, making the scaling right for all of the characters.

    In the first page of the first volume, Homura stated to have relived that month countless times, making the Puella Magi Madoka Magica verse At least 2-B.

    In this timeline, Homura adopted a dog, which followed her …

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  • ZeroTwo64

    The 29th of March 2018, The Pokémon Company announced, through its official Youtube channel, Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let's Go Eevee. From 2:36:48 to 2:37:23 we can see an important feat for Magikarp. The Pokémon jumped so high to reach the space and then came back to earth.

    Magikarp=168 px

    Earth=264 px

    Screen=541 px

    Earth's radius=6371000 m

    Magikarp's height=0.9 m

    Magikarp's weight=10 Kg

    In order to calculate the distance between Magikarp and the earth, I have to use the equation:

    2atan(tan(70/2)*(object size in pixels/screen height in pixels))= 2atan(tan(70/2)*(264 px/541 px))= 0.454443271 rad or 26.0508881465 degrees.

    According to Angular Size Calculator, the distance between Magikarp and the planet is 1.3770e+26 m

    Timeframe= 2:36:48 - 2:…

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  • Mystery idiot 50

    Honestly.....i wonder after this, if we will get a 2-C luffy and naruto after scaling from goku?

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  • Paleomario66

    This feat has already been calced several times, including here, but the calc failed to notice that Planet Vegeta also has two stars orbiting around it in the Toeiverse.

    • Sun = 51 px = 1,391,016 km
    • Planet Vegeta = 468 px = 12,764,617 km

    According to the Planetary Parameter calculator, the mass of Planet Vegeta, with 10x Earth's gravity, would be 5.986e+31 kg.

    Due to the sheer size of the planet, the method used in the previous calc would get FTL results, and FTL KE cannot be calced. Instead, finding the GBE is the best method here.

    U = 3(6.674×10^−11)(5.986e+31)^2 / 5(6382308.5)

    U = 2.2481903791143909762431571585736e+46 J

    • Sun = 34 px = 1,391,016 km
    • Planet Vegeta = 468 px = 19,146,926 km

    According to the Planetary Parameter calculator, the mass of Pl…

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  • 031nch22

    Gravity Falls having a fifth dimension Aliens existing in 7-11 dimensions at once

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  • 031nch22

    Low-High Regeneration Types 1 and 4 Immortality Ressurection Non-Corporeal Teleportation Shape-shifting Body-Control Telekenisis Transmutation Pyrokenisis Reality Warping Time Manipulation Inter-Universal Travel https://youtu.…

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  • Unbacked0

    This blog will contain every notable feat and ability from every character from the Yakuza franchise, which is Yakuza 0-6, Yakuza Kiwami 1-2 and Yakuza Dead Souls (Excluding Yakuza Kenzan and Yakuza Ishin because they don't contain the same cast as the main series unlike Dead Souls which does).

    Random goon survives being thrown out of the fourth story of a building: Street Level 

    Saejima Vs Huge Bear: At least Street Level (This bear is unaffected by bullets)

    Awano cracks a wall:

    Hangman breaks down a cracked wall:

    Kiryu breaks a wall: Wall Level

    Majima breaks down the floor:

    Saejima breaks open boulders: Small Building Level

    Majima survives a building busting bomb: Building Level

    Kiryu tanks a blast from an Anti-Tank RPG:  Building Level

    Kiryu surv…

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  • Mystery idiot 50

    Yeah. a sudden rush of work. From 7th to 29th or 30th of june.

    Also...please do not delete the el tio page. I will complete it when i return.

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  • ZeroTwo64

    In this blog, I'm going to show you some feats of Sayaka Miki and Nagisa Momoe, and I'm going to explain you why they are High 2-A.

    First of all, we know that Nagisa and Sayaka are Ultimate Madoka's assistants and shared her awareness of other timeliness. In the manga Puella Magi Homura Tamura, it was confirmed that Madoka Magica has infinite universes, and Madoka erased all the witches from every universe, making her 2-A. After this, she ascended to a higher level of existence and became a concept throughout the PMMM verse, making her High 2-A. Here Madoka stated that she can see everything, the past and the future and all the universes; Nagisa and Sayaka shared her awareness, so they have Cosmic Awareness on a High 2-A scale. In the first pic…

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