• Metal Mario875

    Okay, so... as you guys know, I had some financial problems last time. This time, it's a bunch of stuff. Financial, since the power company called us up today and said that they needed more money or we'd be shut off (I seriously hate them now), busy, since school is back, and of course, all the miscellaneous things.

    So, I'm gonna be gone for two weeks. I'm sorry about this, guys.

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  • ArceusBowser44


    August 20, 2017 by ArceusBowser44

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  • Paleomario66

    This is a recalc of Donkey Kong's Moon Punch, as I think the original calc is highly flawed.

    First off, the speed used in it seems too slow. Plus, the moon could be the same size as our own after all, just that the moon was scaled down in size. This is supported by the moon being exactly like ours in Super Mario Land 2. Another level also supports the moon being very large. Just in case, I'll use two calcs: one with the originally estimated mass, and one with the mass of our moon.

    The moon went down to Earth in 2 seconds, so using the distance from the moon and the time of 2 seconds, the speed is 191511936 m/s, about 64% of the speed of light.

    Now, the mass in the original calc was 28134968929454.7 kg. To find this, I'm using the Relativistic…

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  • Paleomario66

    New 52 fights Braniac with a black hole and causes it to collapse.

    This is a recalc based off of this blog. The pixel scaling was done pretty well, but finding the power of the black hole is the problem. It used the old mass-energy conversion method, which made the results a bit too high. For this calc, I will be using another method.

    As you can see, the Black hole is 1854 pixels.

    1854 / 208 = 8.91346154

    8.91346154 * 12756 = 113700.115 km

    Mass: 113,700,115 / 148e-27 = 7.682440203e+32 kilograms, or 386.1 solar masses.

    Black Hole Power: 386.1 x 6.276e+41 = 2.42286e+44 Joules.

    Final Conversion: 2.42286e+44 / 10^44 = 2.42286 Foe, Large Star.

    2.42286 Foe, which, according to our Attack Potency page, is Large Star level+, far lower than the original result …

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  • Paleomario66

    In order to revert Oozaru Gohan to his base form, Piccolo destroys the moon.

    This is based off of this calc. For this calc, I will be using footage from Dragon Ball Z Kai to determine the timeframe, as DBZ Kai was stated to be more faithful to the manga, and as I've mentioned before, most of the contradictions between it and the manga are minor or they could be considered retcons.

    Also, using DBZ Kai footage would be beneficial as the timeframe in the original calc is way too high, and there's no reason Piccolo would charge an attack for a long time to destroy the moon, especially considering how desparate he was.

    Here's the full episode 5 of Dragon Ball Z Kai for reference.

    Piccolo started to charge the blast at 17:28, and the moon exploded at 17…

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  • Paleomario66

    Tomorrow, I'm going on a trip to Oregon. I'll be gone until next Sunday at night (in my timezone).

    However, I won't be completely absent. I'll still likely show up at some points when I'm at the places where I am staying. I just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be less active for a week or so.

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  • ArceusBowser44
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  • Paleomario66

    This is based off of these two blogs. The blog for the Dragon Ball Super anime is here.

    Finding Goku's Attack Potency in the beginning of Dragon Ball Super isn't that hard, since there's no indication he's gotten significantly stronger since the Buu Saga. For scaling, I will not only be using the Dragon Ball manga, but Dragon Ball Kai. Though there are some contradictions in the latter, they are usually insignificant, except for the view of Hell in the Buu Saga. This could just be a simple mistake as Hell was never shown in the Saiyan Saga like it was in the original Dragon Ball Z. It could also be a retcon since we never got a clear picture of Hell until Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F and Dragon Ball Super. In Dragon Ball Kai, Kid Buu graduall…

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  • Metal Mario875

    So... in three days, I'll be leaving for awhile. How long?

    At least a week. I might be gone for longer, maybe a little shorter. But don't count on the latter.

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  • ArceusBowser44

    So, I have talked with Metal some times ago, and we both agree that the Dream Depot is bigger in size. Reasons? Well....

    The Star Spirits (in the manual, i don't remember the page however) has confirmed that Mario and Co (As well as Bowser, since he dreams so much that his dreams were FAR stronger than ANY other dreams in the Dream Depot, allowing him to enter the in the Dream Depot) dreams FAR FAR more than the other people. Since this "FAR FAR more" is unkown, i will take a low-end (8 dreams, because in order to dream more than a normal person, which can dream 7 times, you have to dream at least one more time) and a high-end (12 dreams, because a person can dream from 4 to 7 times, and Mario an co dream FAR more than that, we can easily a…

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  • Paleomario66

    This is a follow-up to these two blogs. The blog for the Dragon Ball Super manga is here.

    A major topic that has been debated since the end of the God of Destruction Beerus Saga (AKA Battle of Gods Saga) of Dragon Ball Super is: How strong is Goku's base form. There are two sides to this argument. Some argue that Goku's base form is superior to Super Saiyan God Goku in the God of Destruction Beerus Saga, while others argue that Goku has two base forms: one with godly ki and one without, as Goku can still use his regular Super Saiyan forms.

    For a long time, I agreed with the "two base forms" idea, but now I realized there's a lot of evidence I never knew of before that supports Goku having only one base form.

    A major piece of evidence of this i…

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  • Paleomario66

    This blog is linked to this one and is based on on the blogs on VS Battles Wiki by Dark649. All credit for the screenshots goes to him. It covers the Tournament of Power, which is including and will include a lot of events that will be covered here.


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  • Paleomario66

    This is based on the blog on VS Battles Wiki by Dark649. All credit goes to him. My blog has a similar purpose to the previously mentioned blog, but there a few added things the former doesn't have, such as the support for Goku and other characters being Tier 2. The purpose of this is also somewhat similar to the blogs by Metal and I on Mario and Adam's blog on Sonic.

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  • Withersoul 235


    July 9, 2017 by Withersoul 235

    Hey guys,

    I'll be inactive for four full days and a half. Just to let you know.

    Oh, and don't ya dare to throw a party behind my back and burn this place down with torches, XD

    EDIT: I'll still be here for a couple more hours before I go offline. 

    EDIT II: I'm out now. See you all in a few days.

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  • Metal Mario875

    Alright everyone. I'm here to calculate all universes that exist within the Marioverse--from the real world universes, to the dream world universes. Mario's especially heavy on the latter, which is what makes the verse so enormous. First, we'll do "Real World," then we'll do "Dream Stone," and finish it up with "Dream Depot." Let's get started, shall we?

    The Paranormal Dimension, Underwhere and Overthere should still contribute dreams, considering characters do retain the ability to sleep, and feel fatigue. So I'll be using the full population from the beginning of time (the Big Bang) to calculate Dream Depot accurately.

    Also, please note that I'm only doing a high-end version. One that assumes the highest possible values for the dreams. Even …

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  • ArceusBowser44

    7 days

    July 8, 2017 by ArceusBowser44

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  • Withersoul 235

    You are not allowed to copy this info unless you have permission.

    A place where I post Death Battle Info for my FCs and OCs.

    • Real name: Unknown, goes by the name of "Shifter"
    • Age: 13
    • Homeplace: Alsna, Vezal

    • Invisibility
    • Energy Projection
    • Plasma Projection
    • Music Projectiles
    • Colour Beams
    • Paint Blasts
    • Superhuman speed, strength, durability, reflexes and agility

    • Polymorphal Phaser
      • Allows Shifter to transform himself and/or enemies into various objects, organisms and/or things
      • Shoots out a laser that changes the shape and structure of its target
    • Transformation Energy Blaster
      • Shoots out green blasts and beams of transformation energy
    • Transmutation Merger
      • Can shape others into multiple forms at once
    • Undo Remote
      • Reverts transformations and transmutations
    • Bolas
    • Hammer
    • En…

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  • ArceusBowser44

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  • Adamjensen2030

    This is a list of Sonic's feats in various tiers. The reason I'm making this list is to decide what to put for the rating of Base Sonic and Super Sonic's low ends

    City level

    • Defeated Chaos in Sonic Adventure in Base Form

     Island level 

    • Defeated Fire Breath, who charred and carbonized Angel Island effortlessly as Classic Sonic in the Classic Era

    Planet level+

    • Defeated Chaos 6 who was powered by 6 Chaos Emeralds which powered the Space Colony ARK that accomplished this feat though the high end of that feat is more accurate
    • Defeated Iblis. Mephiles stated that he was freed and his flames were released into the world
    • Defeated Ifrit who is capable of destroying the world as stated  by witness accounts as well as well as log entries from Gerald Robotniks…

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  • Thatsonicguy108

    As explained by Wave,the Ark of the Cosmos are able to transmute a planet's mass energy(or gravity) to create a singularity.In summary,the Ark of the Cosmos can convert mass/gravity into other forms of energy.Master Core:ABIS  likely used this method to create his Black hole near the end of Sonic Riders:Zero Gravity.The calculation will assume that he utilized the gravity of the entire planet.

    That aside,onto the calculation.Master Core: ABIS created a Black hole in about 7 seconds after everything was set up:

    Affecting the entire planet in such a manner in a matter of 7 seconds(all 7917.5 miles of it) would be 1820283.02 m/s or Mach 5349.21.According to Google, the Mass of the Earth is 5.972 × 10^24 kg.With those values established we can c…

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  • ArceusBowser44

    Small Problems

    June 20, 2017 by ArceusBowser44

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  • Metal Mario875

    In this game, the plot is that Bowser has stolen the Mini-Stars from the sky. And apparently, it seems that these Mini-Stars are actual stars in the sky. In the ending cinema, the Mini-Stars are returning to the sky--all of which Bowser said he was going to put to use. It's shown at the end, when many burst after his defeat, that he meant this as they were going to power him.

    But... just how powerful is absorbing those stars?

    First, we'll assume that Bowser only stole the Mini-Stars that Mario and his friends could see. Since they had a telescope, and Bowser was collecting them from all directions, let's assume he absorbed all the stars in the galaxy. There are 100,000,000,000 stars in the Milky Way. As our high-end, we'll assume he absorbed…

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  • Paleomario66

    Death Battle Info

    June 18, 2017 by Paleomario66

    Like Wither's Blog, this is not related to our wiki. It's Death Battle related, but I wanted to share it with you guys first.

    Like Wither's blog (which I took inspiration from), this will have DB Info for various characters, in the same style as the DB Info on Death Battle Fanon Wiki. You're free to use them for anything you like, even on sites that aren't DB Fanon Wiki, such as Super Death Battle Fanon Wiki, Total Warfare Fanon Wiki, DeviantArt,, or any thing like that; AS LONG AS YOU GIVE ME CREDIT FOR THE INFO.

    • Name: Beerus
    • Aliases: Lord Beerus, Beerus the Destroyer, Lord Beerus the Destroyer
    • Role: God of Destruction
    • Height: Somewhat shorter than Goku, but ears make him appear taller

    • Destroyed half a planet just by tapping it on…

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  • ArceusBowser44

    Sonic debunk

    June 17, 2017 by ArceusBowser44

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  • Metal Mario875

    Alright guys, buckle up. We're in for one hell of a ride.

    However... Before we get started, let's just say that I have been skeptical of regarding The Gentle Pull as a legitimate character for some time. And recent conversation with Adam confirmed my late suspicions. Let's not dawdle any longer.

    First of all the problems with this "character," we lack info on it. Please note that its description was extremely vague. But, from what we can get from it, The Gentle Pull is an emotion, rather than a being.

    Rosalina states the following about it: "There is a force that binds us, defying even time and space... Not even the laws of the universe can stop it. I knew its gentle pull would prevail. It is the desire to be reunited with someone who is importan…

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  • ArceusBowser44


    June 15, 2017 by ArceusBowser44

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  • ArceusBowser44

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  • ArceusBowser44


    to Dreamy luigi, who can jump into constellations

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  • Withersoul 235

    Before you go read this blog, this is not related to our wiki. It's Death Battle related, but I'll be sharing it with you guys first before I port it over to DBF, so that I know how it's liked.

    And now, to the subject, here I'll write down Death Battle Info for certain characters. No, not a Wiz & Boomstick Analysis, but more like the Death Battle Info you can see on various pages on DBF. You're free to use them for anything you like, even sites that aren't DBF, such as Super Death Battle Fanon Wiki, DeviantArt,, ANYTHING; AS LONG AS YOU GIVE ME CREDIT.

    And with that outta the way, let's begin.

    • Name: Mario Mario 
    • Age: Around his late 30's or in his 40's
    • Residence: Brooklyn
    • Occupation: Plumber

    • Meant for plumbing, but I'm pretty sure …

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  • Thatsonicguy108


    As explained by Tails ,when the Time Eater passes through an area he tears space apart(and thus time),plunging them into a white limbo.The Time Eater did this to the entire Space-time Continuum/the timeline.The Sonics apparently had the power to restore Space-time by accelerating through the White Space at sufficient enough speeds.But that isn't what I'll be focusing on.What I'll be focusing on is just how many timelines did the Time Eater ruin with his mere presence?

    Eggman explains that the Time Eater could erase time and space(just like Tails).It's outright stated that the Time holes sent Sonic's friends to different points in time.Eggman then states that he traveled back in time to undo his previous misfortunes.This means that Eggman use…

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  • Metal Mario875

    This is a compilation of all of Mario's feats from all games listed below. Some are going to be blank—don't mind those too much. This is for fun and to determine what feats are most consistent for Mario.

    Only attack potency feats will be documented. Also, the list will be mostly restricted to games where Mario actually plays a prominent role. Thus, the Luigi's Mansion games nor Wario games will appear. Another thing about this list is that it'll ignore any continuity at all... Thus, each game will be treated as the start of the franchise, no past installments there to influence feats. A way this solves a couple things is making nobody past Super Paper Mario scale to Paper Mario in that game. Or, how Princess Shroob was considered a bigger t…

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  • Paleomario66

    Adamjensen2030 did a blog calculating how many timelines Solaris consumed, and I thought about doing a similar one for the Dream Stone.

    We still have the point that they are in the Pi'illo Kingdom for thousands of years (Note: I'm taking this information from here and here), and surely several people were born and died in the mean time, and we must consider that all these people, like the present inhabitants, were also dreaming.

    And for those who say that nothing implies more than one dream world can be concieved by the same person:

    Twice you have forced me to tear a dimensional rift...
    The Zeekeeper

    The Zeekeeper... Who knew it could cross dimensions?!
    Prince Dreambert

    In the battle of Luigi against Zeekeeper, Zeekeeper opened a dimensio…

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  • Paleomario66

    This is the list of Mario Games and the respective series they are in to help me organize the Mario Pages better.

    • Super Mario Bros.
    • Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels
    • Super Mario Bros. 2
    • Super Mario Bros. 3 (note: this is just a play as confirmed by Miyamoto)
    • Super Mario World
    • Super Mario 64
    • Super Mario Sunshine
    • Yoshi's Island/Yoshi's Island DS/Yoshi's New Island
    • Yoshi's Story
    • Luigi's Mansion Series
      • Luigi's Mansion
      • Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
    • Super Mario Galaxy Series
      • Super Mario Galaxy
      • Super Mario Galaxy 2
    • New Super Mario Bros. DS
    • New Super Mario Bros. Wii
    • Super Mario 3D Land
    • New Super Mario Bros. U
    • Super Mario 3D World

    • Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga
    • Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
    • Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
    • Mario and Luigi: Dream Team
    • Mario and Luigi:…

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  • Metal Mario875

    See here for the feat. Mario slams into a neutron star, sending it careening through space and harming Bowser.

    This calculation will round things up or down, depending on whether the second number behind the decimal point is five or lower.

    If it's five or lower, I'll round the decimal point before it to the lower number. If it's six or higher, I'll round that number up.

    Yes, neutron star. This celestial body glows, as in, it's giving off heat, like a neutron star. It has immense gravity and is very powerful--heck, in the game, its gravitational pull matches that of a black hole. And in reality, a neutron star's gravity is second fiddle to that of a black hole.

    No meteorite meets the criteria, whilst a neutron star does.

    Over the years, Mario's …

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  • Ganime

    As seen on my Sonic the Hedgehog profile, you can see that aside from his Werehog, Excalibur, Super, and Darkspine forms, Sonic has a Classic, Adventure, and Modern keys. This blog is just to give a visual cue as to what was included to those pages and what characters will scale to these repectively.

    • Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)
    • Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    • Sonic the Hedgehog: CD
    • Sonic the Hedgehog 3
    • Sonic and Knuckles
    • Chaotix
    • Sonic Mania

    • Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episodes 1, Metal, and 2
    • Sonic Adventure
    • Sonic Adventure 2
    • Sonic Heroes
    • Shadow the Hedgehog
    • Sonic Advance
    • Sonic Advance 2
    • Sonic Battle
    • Sonic Advance 3

    • Sonic World Adventure
    • Sonic Rush Adventure
    • Sonic & the Secret Rings
    • Sonic & the Black Knight
    • Sonic Colours
    • Sonic Generations
    • Sonic Lost World
    • S…

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  • Adamjensen2030

    I know that there are some people out there downplaying Solaris to either Low 2-C or 2-C and I'm here to put an end to Solaris downplay once and for all. Here we go!

    In order to know how many timelines he would have consumed if Sonic and his friends didn't stop him let's take a look at this video.

    If you skip to 3:52 Mephiles transformed into Solaris by fusing with Iblis and with the Infinite powers of the Chaos Emeralds. Let's play it safe and assume that at that moment he started consuming timelines, he was defeated in his 2nd form at 34:28 so he was consuming timelines for 1836 seconds. If we assume that Solaris can consume 1,001 universes per second at the very least he would have consumed 1,837,836 timelines at the time that Super Soni…

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  • Paleomario66

    See here for the feat. The Void Hound was stated to destroy 10 star systems as a test drive.

    The method used to calculate this (spherical explosion) is the same that VS Battles used to find the minimum value for Multi-Solar System level.

    Distance to the nearest solar system (proxima centauri) is 4.22 light years. Multiplying this by 10 is 42.2 light years = 3.9924e+17 m So with the the radius of the explosion is: 3.9924e+17 m / 2 = 1.9962e+17 m

    The spherical area it has to cover is: 4*π*r^2

    setting in r: 4*π*1.9962e17^2 = 5.007465508249010373296121901705e+35 m^2

    Frontal area of the sun: π*(696,300,000m)^2 = 1.5231499587168312021e18 m^2

    GBE sun: 6.87*10^41 J

    Energy to destroy 10 star ststems:

    (5.007465508249010373296121901705e+35 m^2 / 1.5231499587…

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  • Thatsonicguy108

    The Egg Wizard had harnessed the Power of the Stars The power which stabilizes parallel dimensions.The term"parallel dimension" is synonymous with alternate universe.

    So the Power of the Stars ensures the existence of alternate universes.But how many are there?

    There's Sonic's dimension,the Sol Dimension,the Arabians Knights Realty,Ifrit's dimension,the Twilight Cage,Silver's timeline,the Bad Future(Sonic CD),World of Camelot,the ten alternate endings of Shadow the Hedgehog ,and Maginaryworld.

    Maginaryworld is a world in which the dreams of beings across multiple dimensions coalesce together becoming reality, turning into entire worlds and universes of their own. Maginaryworld also contains a realm known as the 4th Dimension, where all thein…

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  • Withersoul 235


    May 14, 2017 by Withersoul 235

    Hey guys.

    Well, basically it's my birthday and that's pretty neat I guess.

    Yep, that's literally it 'cause I suck at making these things

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  • Metal Mario875

    A TON of News

    May 12, 2017 by Metal Mario875

    Okay, so, this is to notify all admins (luckily, there's only a few) of some newly discovered information I've uncovered.

    So, recently, I contacted Fandom Staff in regards to our wiki's condition and our yearn for a Forum. And what's fallen upon my ears has enlightened me. I hope it will do the same for you guys.

    Hopefully you were brought here by a link from the Community Corner. If so, I know it works! That'll be our temporary way of informing one another about important discussions until the actual Discussions have been developed.

    “But Metal... What are you talking about? Weren't we going to set up wiki-styled forums?”

    Well, buckle up. We can't.

    Or should I say... we can, but not like we intended. Now, our original desire for a wiki-styled fo…

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  • Paleomario66

    The feat is that a Power Star can create a realm that contains at least a star and vast space around it.

    Now, this star appears to be similar to the Sun, so it may be safe to assume that this planet is the same distance from the star that the Earth is from the Sun.

    Diameter of Earth: 12,742 km Radius Earth: 6371000 m

    GBE Earth: 2.487e32 J

    Frontal Area Neptune: π*(6371000)^2 = 127516117977447.1 m^2

    Distance Neptune-Sun: 149600000 km = 149600000000 m

    Area explosion has to cover: 4*π*(149600000000 m)^2 = 281237384968656588174848.5 m^2

    Energy to destroy Solar System: (281237384968656588174848.5 m^2 / 127516117977447.1 m) * 2.487e32 J

    = 548508994400812624949160619260000000000000 J 5.4850899440081262494916061926e41 J

    One could consider additional energy …

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  • Metal Mario875

    See here for the feat. Bowser grows giant, powering up, and creates a black hole dwarfing his size.

    Please note a couple VERY important things. The picture ahead--also the base for this entire calculation--is a SEVERE low-end.

    I went frame by frame on the above video to find exactly when Bowser was near the black hole. And the upcoming picture was a couple frames before the black hole started to react to Bowser's presence. The only reason I didn't use the high-end, is because Bowser literally becomes so small in comparison to the black hole, he disappears within the very next frame.

    Meaning, this entire calculation is literally the lowest result we can get from this feat. Not only that, but annoying decimals I, for the most part, rounded down. Also…

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  • Withersoul 235

    Hello everyone, this WS235 here.

    I'd like to ask ya guys a question. Here it is:

    Should we enable Achievements on this wiki ?

    Achievements cannot be manually turned on as of recently, but Wikiakind can still request for it to be enabled through here. But would you like to have Achievements enabled ?

    For those who don't know what those are, it's basically that stuff with badges and leaderboards. I'd like to know your opinion on this.

    Oh, and one thing: Don't worry, we'll customize the badges. We won't use the preset ones (which I'm not all too fond of).

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