This article is to illustrate the select characters that are not allowed to have their own profiles. It will also specify whether they are banned from having fanon or canon profiles, and it will provide reasoning for such.

Pages caught that are made that match the blacklist will be deleted on sight, no acceptions will be made.


  • The Gentle Pull (Super Mario Bros.) - No Canon Profiles
    • The Gentle Pull is blacklisted because of the fact that it is severely questionable of whether or not it's even a character. Not to mention the fact that many of its powers have to be stretched in order to get anything from it.
  • Any and every single real life person and internet meme - No profiles at all. Yep, that's right - Not even Fanon ones. You can make pages about manifestations or avatars of YouTubers or real life people in certain series - provided they have feats - but not about the people themselves. Here's a few examples of what not to make:
    • Vaktus (ROBLOX)
      • Highly memetic and disliked "ROBLOX player".
    • TJ "Henry" Yoshi (Super Mario Bros.)
      • A meme of a user that was named TJ "Henry" Yoshi. He came from a kid that said "An A press is an A press, you can't have half of one" on a speedrunning video about Super Mario 64. Since then, he's become a very popular meme within the Mario fanbase.
    • Grand Dad (Super Mario Bros.)
    • Chuck Norris (Various TV Shows), John Cena (W.W.E.)
      • Self-explanatory.
    • Pepe the Frog
    • Mine Turtle, "I like trains" kid (ASDF Movie)
    • Weegee (Super Mario Bros.)
    • Sanic, Sunky.png (Sonic the Hedgehog)
    • Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life (...)
    • Mega Milk (4chan)
    • Trollface
  • God and Jesus (Christianity) - No Canon Profiles, except for iterations of God from fiction (e.g. Digimon, Bruce Almighty, Supernatural, Image Comics, etc...). Fanon profiles are allowed as long as they're respectful and to be used in an existing work of fiction; we won't allow creation of these profiles if it's just for fun. They must be for actual works.
    • This also applies to all other religious figures, such as Vishnu from the Hinduism, Allah from the Islam, Elohim/God from the Jewish Religion, etc...
      • Profiles from mythology (e.g. Egyptian, Norse, Greek and Roman Mythology) are accepted, though.
    • Also the reason why we don't allow religious profiles to be created is in order to avoid creating controversy between users.

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