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About others requesting to become Admins

To Withersoul 235, MetalMario875 and Paleomario66,

If you're reading this and there are other people requesting to become admins please do not promote them unless all 4 of us agree to trust that person and also that we know that person very well. And if we are to trust that person then they will only be Admins, not Bureaucrats and Admins.

This is for our safety since there are lots of trolls on the internet.

King regards,
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I actually knew that and take that last thing as an offence. Plus, in the case of a corrupt Bureaucrat being a problem, we can contact the Staff to revoke their rights.
@Mystery: Dude, that's a little messed up to say. I am also insulted by that. Just because we don't know every single little detail about Fandom doesn't mean we "don't have knowledge." Be a little more mature than that, please.
i did not say that! my bro stole my account and said this! anyways, i apologise for him.
Oh, sorry. It's all right man, we couldn't know.
Want my opinion on this? I know its late, but I wanted to say this.
IIRC, Bureaucrats cannot ban, let alone demote other Bureaucrats, Admin can be demoted, though.
Aside from that, its a good idea for safety.
So we can't protect ourselves from crats if we happen to stumble across a corrupt one? Like, we promote a user to crat. He then vandalizes the wiki, blocks users for no reason and constantly unblocks themselves, and we wouldn't be allowed to take action? That doesn't make sense, Sebas.
Fair enough.
As far as i know, bureaucrats are the only one who can bypass IP blocks.
Globals like the Staff, VSTF, Helpers and Content Volunteers can also unban themselves. @Mystery

Anyways, regarding this situation, I have set up a Staff Information page. How does it look?
interesting. But i just like mario, sailor moon...etc.I am not knowledgeable on them.
It is amazing and only we have a page like that.
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